Three Kids + Tesla Model S = The Cutest EV Video Ever?

As anyone who has driven — or ridden — in a Tesla Model S will tell you, Tesla’s premium luxury electric sedan can really shift when you put the pedal to the floor thanks to the beefy 443 ft-lb (600Nm) torque output of its powerful 310 kilowatt rear-wheel drive electric motor. In case you didn’t know, 0-60 happens in 4.2 seconds.

Is this the cutest Model S video ever? We think so.

Is this the cutest Model S video ever? We think so.

Enjoying that feeling is something we’ll never grow tired of, yet describing it — we think it’s a cross between a jet aircraft at take off and a fairground ride — isn’t exactly easy for most adults to do.

But a video which surfaced on YouTube yesterday manages to nail it, with the help of three very adorable little girls.

It’s called “Tesla- Again! Again!” – and features what we think are twin sisters and their younger sister, sitting in the back of what we presume is their parent’s Model S.

(To watch the video — which we’d suggest you do — you’ll need to click here and head to YouTube as this particular YouTube clip isn’t set up for embedding)

“Go fast!” one asks.

“Are you ready?” asks dad.

“Yup!” they chorus, before screaming in enjoyment as they’re thrown back under the Tesla’s awesome acceleration.  Giggling, as the car slows down, the youngest screams “Again! Again! Again!”

And so, being a good parent, dad repeats the whole process, several times.

“You’re going to get a ticket for this,” grins one of the older girls, but begs her father like the rest to keep on repeating the roller coaster ride.

“Oh my gosh” laughs the youngest, safely strapped to her car seat.

Of course, this isn’t the first video of a Model S surprising someone with its fantastic pickup. Over the past few years, we’ve seen more videos than we care to remember of coworkers, spouses, friends and family of Model S owners laugh, giggle — and sometimes even curse — their way through a few rapid acceleration manoeuvres.

Even our very own Mark, no stranger to EV acceleration, was caught out by how quickly a Model S could accelerate when we took one around a closed test track last year.

We think however, these little girls win. Because as any parent will tell you, the giggle of children enjoying themselves is infectious and addictive. Just like accelerating in a Model S.

All together now… Awww……

(And if you thought the Model S was the first Tesla to make a kid react this way… you’d be wrong.)

Hat-tip: Craig Froehle for the link.(We’re not sure if it’s his kids, but we’ve requested more info. We’ll let you know more as we have it!)


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