Volkswagen e-Up!

Volkswagen e-Up Electric Car: What Do YOU Want To Know?

Here at Transport Evolved we’re lucky enough to drive some of the world’s newest electric cars before they hit the mainstream marketplace so that we can tell you what they’re like to drive before they hit the dealerships.

Volkswagen e-Up

Volkswagen e-Up. What do you want to know?

Sometimes, we’ll get a few days with a new EV at an official press launch event. Sometimes, we’ll get a short test-drive behind the wheel at a big industry event. And sometimes, we’re just handed the keys and told to return in a few hours with the car in one piece.

On Wednesday, we’ll be doing just that, getting behind the wheel of the Volkswagen’s latest plug-in car to hit the market in Europe, the diminutive e-Up.

Based on the gasoline version of Volkswagen’s four-seat city car, the £24,250 (before incentives) e-Up promises an all-electric range of around 99 miles on the NEDC test cycle, a top speed of 81 mph, and a 0-62 mph time of 12.4 seconds.

But what’s it like to drive in the real world? How quickly does the battery pack drop? How easy is it to use? What are the paddle-shift regenerative brake controls like? And is that price really justified for a car that’s far smaller than the similarly-priced Nissan LEAF?

While we won’t have the car long enough to test its range from full to empty or find out just how many shopping bags you can fit in the boot, we will have enough time with the e-Up to answer some of the basic questions about this important rival to the Smart ForTwo ED.

Because we won’t have the car for a week, we won’t be doing our usual QuickCharge and ChargedUp review pairings of the e-Up — at least not this time — but we will be taking our video equipment in order to bring you our first drive report behind the wheel.

We also hope to get some time with Volkswagen’s EV team, so we can ask some more in-depth questions about Volkswagen’s e-Up ownership packages, including its partnership with ecotricity and its German car-loan scheme.

We’ll be writing up our experiences later this week and early next, but for now, if you’ve got something that you really want us to try and answer in the short few hours we’ll have with the car, be sure to let us know in the Comments below. We’ll do our very best to answer as many questions as we can.

Alternatively, tweet us with the hashtag #eUp, and we’ll pick up your questions there too.


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