Elon’s Musk – the Must Have Scent for all EV Drivers

You know you’ve finally made it when comedians start to make jokes about you. Which must mean that now Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk can rest easy in the knowledge that he has finally officially ‘made it’ online.

After a long day at the VW e-UP! press launch, Nikki and Mark returned to the Transport Evolved offices, loaded up their computers and were blown away by what they saw: An advert for ‘Elon’s Musk – A Fragrance by Elon Musk’.

Of course it’s not real. But for just that split second it was a real possibility. Why wouldn’t Musk take on the fragrance industry after taking on the banking, automotive, solar and space industries?

The idea of a ‘Tesla smell’ also might not be the worst idea in the world.

Hang the specially designed Tesla Fragrance Booster in your own EV to infuse it with the power and smell of Tesla. Tickle your nasal neurons with either Roadster Rage or Model S Style, two patented and trademarked smells exclusively from Tesla.

The video was created by the Official Comedy channel on YouTube, the sketch shows a – what we are meant to assume – Musk lookalike staring in an advert for his own, unfortunately named, fragrance.

Would You Buy Elon's Musk?

Would You Buy Elon’s Musk?

What other EV spin offs could there be? The Bob Lutz beer? The Robert Llewellyn iPhone case? Let us know what you think below:


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