Tesla Model S European Spec – What Do You Want to Know?

We’ve been patient. We’ve been good boys and girls. We even made sure we were on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list. And now all of that effort has paid off. Next week Nikki and Mark will be getting their hands on a European Spec Tesla Model S.

The car will be tested over three days and will be put through the usual day-to-day driving needs of Nikki and Mark while also taking on a few longer distance drives.

The Model S starts at £50,280 (on the road) in the UK with a all-options-added version coming in at £100,730 (on the road) – both of these prices include the £5000 Government grant.

Over the summer Nikki was lucky enough to have a go in a modified US spec Model S when it was doing the rounds in the UK, but how will the EU spec match up:

Mark on the other hand still hasn’t been behind the wheel and just looking at the stats for the car has got him jumping up and down in excitement:

  • NEDC range of 310 miles (265 miles EPA)
  • A sub 6 second 0 – 60mph that drops to 4.2 seconds on the P85+ version
  • A top speed well above anything that a UK motorway will allow.

But is there anything you really want to know about the car? What is the reality of charging the massive battery, for instance? Or how easy is it to park at the local supermarket, maybe? Well, let us know below and we’ll dispatch Nikki and Mark to find out.

You can let us know in the comments below, tweet @transportevolve or use #TETesla.


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  • vdiv

    Ah, you’re lucky! 🙂 nnnnMaybe look at the language packs installed. This may help determine where Tesla plans on selling or not selling the Model S. Wonder which cellular carriers they use. Also curious what the charging points database looks like and if it has status info on station availability.nnnnAlso look for European-specific items such as manual headlight angle adjustment, maybe front (yellow) and rear fog lights, emergency equipment (triangle, med kit, etc), DAB radio, DVB-T TV, any cold-weather related items like maybe rear heated seats, windshield washer nozzle heaters or even headlight washers.

  • Jonathan Tracey

    Ok a few washlist items :-)nnHow long to charge from an Ecotricity fast AC charger – how many miles per hour addedn3g connection – is it free for evernvampire drain when left overnight – how many miles lost if not plugged innHow many miles added per hour using standard 13 amp charging (uk plug)nnthx