UK Companies Prove They’re At The Forefront of Electric Motorsports

British companies have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation when it comes to high-performance motorsports such as Formula 1. Now, with Formula E just around the corner, British companies are already setting themselves up as world-leading powers in this new field.

This month the Motorsport Industry Association’s Annual Business Excellence Awards awarded two companies, both known in the EV world, for their commitment to electrical technology.

On the night, Drayson Racing Technologies won the Technology & Innovation award.

Lord Paul Drayson (right) receives MIA Business Excellence Award.

Lord Paul Drayson (right) receives MIA Business Excellence Award.

Last year Drayson Racing Technologies broke the world electric land speed record with the Drayson B12/69 EV which was able to achieve an average speed of 205.129mph over a measured mile and 333.271kph over the measured kilometre.

This not only gave them the world electric land speed record but also a British record for a car of any propulsion type driven by its wheels and a new world electric record from a standing start over a quarter mile. It did this with a time of 9.742 seconds (at an average speed of 92.383mph).

Building on this technology, Drayson Racing are one of the two British teams entering Formula E race series.

The Motorsport Industry Association also awarded the Technology and Innovation award to Delta Motorsport. Delta Motorsport is most well known for designing and building the cars that competed in the Grand Prix Masters series. They are also the company behind the Delta E4-Coupe – a British-built electric sports car.

They built five of these vehicles which were all hand-made using cutting-edge technology to make a car that not only was exciting and good looking but able to travel using as little energy as possible.

Friend of Transport Evolved, Robert Llewellyn was lucky enough to get a look at the Delta E4-Coupe which he recorded for his YouTube Fully Charged show. Check out there episode below:

Both of these companies show that Britain is setting itself up to be a leading country in the future of automotive design and technology.

What do you think about these awards? Are there other UK companies that should be rewarded for their dedication to future transportation? Let us know below:


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