Nissan’s Latest LEAF Electric Car Ad Highlights Owner Advocacy

As many EV advocates and early adopters will tell you, ad companies aren’t usually that good at selling electric cars.

George from Atlanta loves his LEAF.

George from Atlanta loves his LEAF.

We’ve got to agree. In the past few years, we’ve seen some really crazy and frankly embarrassing advertisements for electric cars, ranging from the man-hugging Polar Bear in Nissan’s first LEAF ad to green-skinned aliens in Chevrolet’s Volt Superbowl ad from a few years back.  In fact, with one or two exceptions, fan-made ads — like some truly amazing ones made by Tesla owners — are far superior to anything a multi-million dollar ad agency has managed.

So when we heard Nissan’s latest ad campaign focuses on the impact existing owners can have on the sales of EVs, we had to take a look.–DbE&

Nissan LEAF: George’s Story, focuses on George, a guy from Atlanta, Georgia, who happens to buy a Nissan LEAF because he doesn’t like paying for gasoline or sitting in traffic queues.  With catchy background music, simple animation and friendly voice-over, it’s non-confrontational and pretty soft around the edges.

We like it.

The ad starts by introducing us to George, a guy from Atlanta Georgia who likes all the things that Georgians should, including iced tea and pulled pork sandwiches.

After buying a LEAF, we’re told,  George not only gets to enjoy the freedom and speed of driving in the HOV lane thanks to Georgia perks for EV owners, but also gets to save a whole lot of money compared with his old car.

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for George’s family and friends to see what a great time he’s having in his LEAF, so they soon also buy a LEAF, before encouraging their friends and family to buy one too.

That we’re told, is exactly how Atlanta, Georgia has become one of Nissan’s fastest-growing LEAF markets in the U.S. Not dealers, incentives, or special lease deals, but good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Here at Transport Evolved we’ve experienced that first hand, with several friends and family members making the switch to a plug-in car after hearing about our own vehicles. In fact, we’ve lost count of how many people we know have purchased an EV because we had one.

What about you? Perhaps, like George from Atlanta, you know have family and colleagues with plug-in cars after hearing how great yours was? Or perhaps you’re one of those people who purchased a plug-in because someone you knew had one and loved it so much?

Leave your own switch stories in the Comments below, and we’ll feature the best ones on a futures show!


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