First Drive: VW e-Up! Press Day Test Drive and Information

Volkswagon was kind enough to invite Nikki and Mark to the press launch of their first ever mass produced fully electric vehicle, the e-Up!

Let Nikki and Mark take you through the ins and outs of what they learnt on the press day:

Starting at £19,250 (including the UK Government’s £5000 Plug-in Grant), the e-up! is the electrified version of the VW Up!, Volkswagon’s ‘city car’ range. However, this isn’t just a conversion. VW made it very clear to Transport Evolved, that just like the upcoming Golf model, the Up! platform was designed from the beginning to be able to have any drivetrain fitted.

This means no horrible bumps in the boot for the batteries – they all lie underneath the car like other bespoke created electric cars. This gives the car a very low centre of gravity, helping it feel solid and well seated in the road.

A QuickCharge and ChargedUp review of the e-Up! will follow when Transport Evolved get a loan of the e-Up! for a longer period in a couple of months.

But we’d like to know what you think of the e-Up!? Is this a car you are looking forward to?


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