Elon Musk Amsterdam Town Hall Meeting – Charging and SuperChargers

This week we will be bringing you all the interesting talking points from Elon Musk’s Amsterdam Town Hall meeting. In a room filled with Tesla customers and fans, Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] – kindly answered questions for an hour.

At the event he covered subjects from updates to the Model S, charging and the specific issues Tesla has run into in Europe. Being Elon Musk, he also let slip a few snippets of information about possible future projects and what Tesla is planning. But today we bring you all the charging information that was shared by Musk.

SuperCharger Rollout

The most exciting news from the event is that Tesla plans to have enough SuperChargers installed by the end of 2014 to make it possible to drive anywhere in Europe.

Tesla Opens Up All of Europe to Model S Drivers

Tesla Opens Up All of Europe to Model S Drivers

The map on the Tesla website hasn’t been updated for a while, but it was noted in the Town Hall meeting that it would soon receive an revamp to make it work more like the US SuperCharger map where using the slider will show the roll out in stages.

With the advent of cross country Tesla drives in the US being all the rage (with both a father and daughter team taking a leisurely jaunt and Tesla sending two teams on a record breaking trip) we at Transport Evolved wonder if this will lead to a flurry of cross-Europe trips?

SuperCharger Power

Musk also pointed out that most SuperChargers are operating in a conservative mode, not giving out all of the power that they are able. This is so that Tesla can keep an eye on them to ensure they are working within expected tolerances. Over time these restrictions will be relaxed and the SuperChargers in the EU will all migrate to around 135kW – slightly faster than those in the US for the moment.

How Much Power Does a SuperCharger Really Give?

How Much Power Does a SuperCharger Really Give?

When asked if the speed of the SuperChargers could be increased, maybe to around 2C (~170kW), Musk replied that the current upper limit on the SuperChargers is pretty much the limit of what the car, batteries and cooling system could take. He hinted that maybe in 5 years time when a significant leap in battery technology is available Tesla may look at increasing this. He did point out that 135kW is still pretty rapid, being nearly three times faster than any other system and adding over 200 miles (>320km) in 30 minutes.

Home Charging Issues

Musk also spoke about the issues with home charging of the Model S in some areas of Belgium and Norway. This issue stems from how the electrical grid is isolated in these areas which causes the car to stop charging due to a safety concerns.

The fix for this is an updated mobile connector and an over the air software update. The update has already been pushed to customers in Norway and will be available to Belgium customers in the next fortnight.

You can watch the Town Hall meeting, recorded by Tesla Club Belgium, below – Hat tip to Brian Henderson for sending us the link to this video. Or you can just pop back to our site every day this week as we go through all the main points.

What do you think of the European SuperCharger rollout? Are you a Model S owner who is considering a cross-Europe trip? Let us know below.


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