Elon Musk Amsterdam Town Hall Meeting – Europe Specific Information

This week we are bringing you all the interesting talking points from Elon Musk’s Amsterdam Town Hall meeting. In a room filled with Tesla customers and fans, Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] – kindly answered questions for an hour.

At the event he covered subjects from updates to the Model S, charging and the specific issues Tesla has run into in Europe. Being Elon Musk, he also let slip a few snippets of information about possible future projects and what Tesla is planning.  Yesterday we looked at SuperCharging and charging in general. Today we bring you all the Europe specific information that was shared by Musk.

Annual Maintenance

One Model S owner in the audience brought the annual service cost to Musk’s attention asking how he can justify it being so high. The European cost for the service is roughly €700 per year, this works out at around £580 or $950.

Looking a little flustered, Musk admitted that it was probably a little too high and that he would look into it.

He did go on to point out that in terms of the warranty on the Model S a yearly service is not required.

Autobahn (High-speed) Tuning

Back in October, Musk announced that while riding in the Model S on the German autobahn – some segments of which have no speed limit – he felt that the car did not give the performance expected when changing lanes. He promised free Autobahn tuning to any Model S owners in Europe who would like it.

Tesla will tune your European Model S for the German Autobahn... Yummie.

Tesla will tune your European Model S for the German Autobahn… Yummie.

When asked about this at the Town Hall meeting Musk said that it was on its way with an expected release in about three months time. He admitted that there was no top-speed increase – something that was hinted at when Transport Evolved went to the London Tesla store opening – but that it would comprise a tightened up suspension to provide a stiffer ride.

CHAdeMO and Other Adaptors

Tesla is committed to allowing the Model S – and future cars – charge from any source they can. As part of this they are working on a CHAdeMO to Model S adapter. Musk confirmed at the meeting that the EU adapter (which is different to the one in the US due to the car having a different socket) is undergoing testing and will be available in ‘around three months time’.

The European Adaptor Should Look Similar to the US One.

The European Adaptor Should Look Similar to the US One.

Musk also pointed out that all that is needed is a new adapter to allow the Model S to charge from a CCS rapid charger. However Tesla is waiting to see how many CCS charging stations are rolled out to see if the standard takes off or not before taking any steps towards building an adaptor.

Soft Paint Issues

One customer asked if Tesla was looking into the ‘soft paint’ issues with the European Model Ss. Musk, looking slightly bewildered, admitted this is the first that he had heard of this issue.

Explaining more the customer said that some Model S buyers were recommending that as soon as the car was bought it should be treated to stop the paint being an issue.

Musk said that this shouldn’t be the case at that he would look into it.

You can watch the Town Hall meeting, recorded by Tesla Club Belgium, below – Hat tip to Brian Henderson for sending us the link to this video. Or you can just pop back to our site every day this week as we go through all the main points.

What do you think of the European Model S issues? Are you a Model S owner is concerned about the soft paint? Let us know below.


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