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UK Charging Network Reaches 100,000 Charging Session Milestone

On Tuesday 4 February the Charge Your Car (CYC) network in the UK logged its 100,000th charging session.  The network has 1535 charging stations located mainly in the North-East of England, Scotland and Bristol.

Charge Your Car Has Had Over 100,000 Charging Sessions

Charge Your Car Has Had Over 100,000 Charging Sessions

This information follows on from two weeks ago when CYC rolled out a system update to all their charging stations.

The network has recorded 549,399 kWh of electricity being used in those charging sessions. This means an average top-up on the CYC network provides the driver with around 5.5kWh of electricity. Enough to drive around 16 miles assuming a conservative 3 miles per kilowatt hour.

The network comprises charging stations that provide power from 3kW up to 50kW rapid charges. Users sign up to the network online or through the CYC phone App – their profile is then connected to a debit or credit card which is used to collect payment. Currently most charging stations on the network need an additional RFID (Smart) card to provide power, however roughly 35% can be operated directly from the App.

Alexandra Prescott, the operations director at Charge Your Car, said, ‘The Charge Your Car network is getting bigger and we are seeing drivers sign up on a daily basis; we had a 25% increase between December 2013 and January 2014 alone. This, plus a planned expansion in available rapid chargers, means that the Charge Your Car can develop its offer to post owners and drivers around the country.’

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