Cross-Country U.S. In a Model S Too Easy? Try Driving To The Panama Canal

With its flagship model boasting an 85 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that’s good for more than 300 miles of range if you drive it sensibly, the Tesla Model S is undeniably the best car for making long-distance EV road trips.

How about going to Central America in your Model S?

How about going to Central America in your Tesla Model S? These guys did.

If the thought of driving from Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] Supercharger station to Supercharger station makes the idea of a long-distance Tesla Model S road trip seem just a little too easy however, an adventurous duo might have the alternative road trip to push your car and yourself to the limits.

Forget the USA. Try driving your Model S to the Panama Canal instead.

As EVWorld (via GreenCarReports) details, Louisiana residents Randy Denmon and Dean Lewis quietly left McAllen, Texas the same weekend that Tesla Motors was celebrating its record-breaking 76-hour coast-to-coast trip. Heading south, they made good progress through Mexico, charging wherever they could courtesy of an estimated twenty different power adaptors the duo carried with them.

What’s more, Denmon — whose Model S they drove — and friend Dean Lewis didn’t do much in the way of forward planning. While Denmon says he had been ‘thinking’ about making a trip like this for five years or so, the addition of the Model S to his garage Nor did they have any kind of backup vehicle. Unbelievably, neither claim fluency in Spanish.

Having driven through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, the intrepid adventurers ended up in Panama with more than 2,440 miles more on the clock than when they had left.

Unlike travelling from coast-to-coast in a Model S in the U.S. where finding a place to recharge wasn’t a problem, Denmon and Lewis often had to get creative with their charging. At least twice the pair found the only way to get the required power to charge their Model S was to literally wire their portable Universal Mobile Connector directly into a 240-volt circuit… without a plug.

Forget Superchargers: these guys had to get power any way they could from regular power outlets.

Like these? You’ll not want to make the Texas-Panama trip in your Model S, then.

Then of course, there were the numerous border crossings — where the Model S attracted a lot of attention — and the occasional corrupt official or police officer looking for a bribe. Miraculously, both car and drivers arrived safely in Panama without too many major incidents, no punctures and the car itself seemingly in good shape. We’re told the car’s Active Air Suspension came in hand on more than one occasion, giving the Model S the same kind of go-anywhere feel as many SUVs.

You can listen to the duo’s interview over at EVworldbut before you do, we’d like to congratulate the duo for such an adventurous trip. Save for the Panama Canal we’re told, they would have delved even further south.

Would you want to take a brand new Tesla Model S off the beaten track so to speak? Would you risk driving your prized plug-in through central America?

And if you could take an EV somewhere on a mammoth road trip, where would it be and why?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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