Transport Evolved Episode 187: The Fight is on (Again)

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On today’s Transport Evolved: Snowy trips, fighting autodealer associations, hobson’s choice of i3, and why the Nissan LEAF is good for everyone. 

These stories an more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley, and Deb Seymour.

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by the Urban Folkerista, otherwise known as Deb Seymour.

Musician Deb Seymour combines life as a touring full-time singer/songwriter, an electric car driver, and an advocate of both working women and green lifestyles, which of course, includes plug-in cars. When she’s not touring, you’ll find Deb driving around Seattle, Washington in her little ZENN Neighborhood Electric Car.

Deb — or the Urban Folkerista to use her stage name — recently rose to cult EV fan status after her band’s song – Little ZENN Car – made it big on YouTube. Part of her latest album, Mama Wears A Hard HatYou can buy the entire album for $10 from her website, but to help the EV cause, Deb’s Little ZENN Car is completely free!

(You can engage Deb on Facebook, or you can download her music at

Part 1

#TeslaRoadTrip is in full swing, Washington state is considering dealer-sponsored anti-Tesla law Lauren Fix gets herself in an EV fix, Mia Electric faces an uncertain future, and EV Valentines


A year ago this weekend, the original #TeslaRoadTrip took place in the U.S. This weekend, to mark its first anniversary, the second #TeslaRoadTrip — entitled “All Superchargers Lead to DC” is taking place on the east coast, despite heavy snowfall and frankly terrible weather conditions.

With three separate convoys meeting in DC, we ask if the massed Tesla owners will have any luck convincing car buyers -to make the switch? And will their presence help end the ongoing war on Tesla by dealer associations nationwide?


Washington state might be one of the most EV-friendly states in the union, but that hasn’t stopped a new law from being proposed which would prevent Tesla from opening any new stores there. Why are dealer associations so scared of Tesla — and what is going on in Washington to try and counter this latest anti-tesla initiative? Deb tells us all.


Fox News has always had a reputation for hating electric cars and doing everything it can to spread misinformation about them. And after a quiet six months or so from the Murdoch Empire, it’s back at it again, this time courtesy of Fox Business and Lauren Fix.

We blast through some of what she said on air this week and try to figure out if she was just misinformed, or purposely trying to halt EV uptake.


Mia Electric has been selling city-going low-volume electric cars in Europe for the past few years, and its quirky and unusually-designed Mia Electric car — a combination of a minivan and a delivery vehicle — promised great handling and visibility thanks to its unique driving position. Yet this week it called in the receivers. With prices only a few thousand euros less than cars like the Nissan LEAF, we examine why this was inevitable — and ask if niche and boutique EV automakers are doomed.


It was valentines’ day this week, and Mark wrote this wonderful post about the electric vehicles he loves the most. We discuss which cars we’d like to be our EV Valentines, and why.

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Part 2

The Nissan LEAF is the greenest, most socially-conscious car you can buy, the 2015 Kia Soul EV has a heating-system first, a Tesla Model S drives to the Panama Canal, the Volkswagen eGolf goes on sale in Germany, von Koenigsegg loves EVs, and BMW 3-Series PHEV spotted in testing.


It’s official: If you want to buy a green, clean car that’s socially and environmentally the best it can possibly be, buy a Nissan LEAF. We look at the Automotive Science Group’s 2014 rating system and ask if this is the way that all cars should be sold?


The 2015 Kia Soul EV has been viewed thus far as something of a compliance car. Yet this week, we learned that it has a rather clever and for now, unique heating system.  We explain how it works and ask if it really will make a difference in cold weather range?


Think coast-to-coast in a Tesla Model S is too easy? How about driving one from Texas to the Panama Canal? These guys did without a hitch. Are they brave, stupid, or just crazy? And would you make the trip yourself in a Model S?


This week, the Volkswagen eGolf went on sale in Germany, commanding a retail price of €34, 900. Will it prove any match for the popular Nissan LEAF — which is already dominating sales over its nearest current rival the Renault Zoe — or will it just be an also ran against more established EVs?


Christian von Koenigsegg, the man behind some of the most gas-guzzling hypercars in the world today, has a Tesla Model S. And he said it’s better than a BMW M5. Is the tide slowly turning in the battle between gas vs electric, and how long before we see an electric Koenigsegg?


BMW might be waiting to see if its i3 and i8 electric and plug-in range extended EVs are popular before extending the i-range, but it’s already working on plug-in hybrids for its main BMW brand. This week, photographs surfaced of a BMW 3-Series eDrive testing in Scandinavia. We ask if BMW is muddying the waters by offering all-electric and range-extended under the i-brand, and plug-in hybrid under its conventional brand.

[At this point, Daleks invaded the studio and EXTERMINATED one of the studio computers.]

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Part 3

BMW restricts i3 to ‘launch spec’ for three months, Next-Gen Renault Zoe to premiere autonomous driving tech, we discuss the latest Tesla fire, ask if EV ads just don’t get it, and a fish that drives its own EV.


This week, BMW confirmed that customers wanting an i3 in the first three months after its U.S. launch will have to buy the top-spec, “launch model” worth more than $50,000. We ask why, and wonder if this will do BMW damage in the long term — or if this is just a normal thing for the EV market?


The next-gen Renault Zoe — due some time in the next six years — will debut Renault’s “Next-Two” self-driving technology. We tell you about what it will — and won’t — do, and ask if people will trust it or not.


There’s been another Tesla Fire — this time in Toronto with a supposedly unplugged Model S. Why are the media so fixated with EV fires when gasoline cars catch fire around the world every day?


This week we’ve seen a whole barrage of new EV ads, including one for the Cadillac ELR, the BMW i3 , BMW i8 and Chevy Volt. Are these ads working, of have ad companies just got it wrong?

And finally…

A fish that drives an electric car of its own. Too cute! 


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