ChargedUp: Tesla Model S (EU 2013)

Following on from the Tesla Model S QuickCharge episode where Nikki and Mark gave their initial views of the 2013 EU spec Model S, we bring you their thought-out review after having lived with the car for three days.

Watch the video below:

The Model S is the electric car all others are held up to. The second car produced through Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] it has received rave reviews from press all over the world – including the highest ever score awarded by Consumer Reports.

When buying a Model S, customers select from either a 60kWh or 80kWh model, these can travel an EPA rated 208 or 265 miles respectively. From this choice buyers then get to spec up the car as they wish, adding optional 22kW charging, SuperCharger support, tech packages, panoramic roof and so on.

The car as reviewed was a fully loaded P85+ Model S allowing Mark and Nikki to experience the Model S in the best light – and it didn’t disappoint. The Model S gave them breath-taking acceleration, sublime comfort and styling that drew everybody’s eyes.

The three days that they had the car were full of long EV drives, phone calls from excited friends asking what it was like to drive and fights over who could drive it.

The car as tested has a price of £100,730 – which includes the UK Government grant. A base model version of the car will cost just over £50,000 which places it in roughly the same price bracket as a fully-loaded BMW i3.

But what did Mark and Nikki think about the car?

They loved it. Who wouldn’t? But there were some issues with the car. For Mark, the size of the car was a big barrier. Coming from a two adult family with no pets or children, the Model S simply wasn’t built with him as a consumer in mind. He also encountered a few issues with the navigation system while driving the car. The first being the loss of maps on the main display as the car couldn’t maintain a strong enough data signal to stream the maps needed and the second being that he felt the SatNav didn’t offer enough direct feedback of where to go.

Nikki had issues with the steering column of the car – finding herself activating the cruise control while trying to use the indicators.

Where they both agreed however is that overall the car is a masterpiece. The issues encountered are small niggles which could be changed and fixed either in software revisions or when a model refresh happens. Both Mark and Nikki agreed that the Model S points the way for the ‘affordable’ Tesla (the Model E). If it is half as good as the Model S it will blow the competition away.

Mark gave the Model S 9 out of 10.

Nikki gave the Model S 10 out of 10.

Total score: 19 out of 20.

What do you think of Mark and Nikki’s review? Let us know below.


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