A Top-Spec Tesla Model S For Less Than $10,000? Here’s How It’s Possible…

Fully kitted out — and we do really mean fully kitted out — the Tesla Motors Model S P85+, complete with all the optional extras, additional charging capabilities and fine Nappa Leather, would set you back today somewhere around $124,370.

A $10,000 stock investment in Tesla Motors in 2010 would equal a Model S today. We're just saying.

A $10,000 stock investment in Tesla Motors in 2010 would equal a Model S today. We’re just saying.

Yet on the day of Tesla’s official final 2013 earnings call, you could be walking into a Tesla dealer and pay less than $10,000  for the same car. That’s used, low-mileage 2011 Nissan LEAF money.

Sadly however, to get this unbelievable deal, you’ll need to have purchased around $9050 of Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] shares on or around July 1, 2010, two days after its IPO, when share prices were at an all-time low of just $14.98 and analysts were emphatically encouraging those who had recently acquired stock to get out, quick.

Of course, a time machine would also do the trick, but since we don’t have one — and assume you don’t either — that’s probably not an option.

Let’s assume for just one second however, that you were clever (or lucky) enough to buy six hundred or so shares in Tesla on that fateful day in July 2010. Now let’s assume you’ve been watching the share price slowly climb over the past three and a half years, peaking yesterday at an astonishing $206 per share. Those same six hundred shares — barely enough to get you a third of a brand new Nissan LEAF in 2010 — would now be worth more than a fully-specced Model S.

If you didn't invest in Tesla back in 2010, you'll need one of these to travel back in time and fix that problem. (Photo: Aaron Crocco. Used with Permission)

If you didn’t invest in Tesla back in 2010, you’ll need one of these to travel back in time and fix that problem. (Photo: Aaron Crocco. Used with Permission)

Yesterday’s share price spike came just one day ahead of Tesla’s final official earnings call for 2013. Due later on today, analysts and investors seem buoyant about Tesla’s future, partly due to reports earlier this week which suggested Apple’s acquisitions team had met with Tesla executives last fall, and partly due to expectations the Californian automaker will report a strong fourth quarter profit.

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Combined, these pieces of information caused Tesla Stock to close at an all-time high of more than $206 per share yesterday, representing a market valuation of $25 billion. Or to put it another way, a valuation of $1.1 million for every Model S car it has sold to date.

Naturally, we’ll give you a run-down tomorrow  on just what was in the Q4 2013 earning call from Tesla, but in the meantime we’re curious: did you buy any Tesla Shares early on? Have you made a profit, or have you held onto your shares? Or are you the lucky person we now really envy because you’ve managed to invest yourself into a Model S?

Leave your comments, thoughts and stories below.

Disclaimer: We’re not stock analysts. We’re not even financial advisors. But we did think it kind of neat that an investment just four years ago could have this kind of return. 


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  • Yes, I bought Tesla shares about a year ago in two batches at an average price of $ 35. Astounding that the stock was still so low at that time (lucky me!), since the rave reviews were already flooding the interwebs and they were definitely succeeding in ramping up mass production. I was pretty sure by then they would succeed.nnI still have the shares, but they didn’t make me rich. Investor’s rule no. 1 has something to do with eggs and baskets. A nice extra though, enough to give me another type of ‘Tesla grin’.nnnnSolarCity btw is one of my other baskets. Bought them at $ 15. nnnnThank you St. Elon!

  • MEroller

    Yes, I know of someone who bought Tesla stock some time ago, cashed in on it not that long ago and bought his wife a Model S from the earnings: your DIY counterpart Jack Rickard from EVTV :-)nAnd he enthused at the time that the stock price would most likely top out at around 200$ / share, which he gleefully confirmed in one of his last weekly shows.

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