‘Father of the Volt’ Bob Lutz Appointed as Chair of Via Motors

Bob Lutz – known to some as the man who brought the Chevy Volt to the world – has been appointed as Chair for Via Motors, the motor company working on electrified trucks.

In 2010 Bob Lutz retired as Vice Chairman of General Motors and since then has been working in a variety of positions related to vehicles with electric drive. He served as a board member for Via Motors before taking on the Chair roll. He is also involved with VL Automotive who offer after-market conversions for Fisker Karmas, turning them into 6.2 litre V8s.

Bob Lutz Poses with a Via Truck

Bob Lutz Poses with a Via Truck

Lutz said, “I believe VIA is electrifying the right end of the business and is implementing a very sound business strategy. If we are going to see main stream adoption of electric vehicles, the technology must deliver a good return on investment to the largest segment of the auto business, namely trucks, vans and SUVs. That’s why I am so confident in VIA and I’m pleased to serve as Chairman.”

Historically known as a die-hard petrol head, Lutz has had a varied business life. He has worked for General Motors, BMW, Ford and Chrysler.  He is one of the go to people when it comes to the Detroit automotive scene.

Via’s trucks can travel up to 40 miles on electric power only, switching to a back up range extending generator when out of power. According to Via, their trucks can get over 100 US miles per gallon.

Buyers of Via’s trucks are also able to plug their powertools, and anything else electric, into the trucks and power them from the on-board battery. This removes the need to lug around generators for many potential customers.

The Trucks Allows for Power Export Too

The Trucks Allows for Power Export Too

Bob Lutz can be seen in the EV documentary movie Revenge of the Electric Car working towards getting the Chevy Volt into production – seemingly having come around to the potential of electrically powered vehicles.

What do you think about Via Motors and their range-extended trucks? Is it something you could use? Do you think Bob Lutz has any plans for Via? Let us know below.


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