Thought of the Day: BMW i3 in California

Nikki replies to Mark’s thoughts on Via Motors and electrified trucks and also talks about the BMW i3 and California.

Unlike our other shows, Thought of the Day is our chance to muse on one big story in the news each day, using it as a spring board to explore other topics, sometimes even outside of the Transport Evolved universe. Every weekday, Nikki and Mark will take it in turns to explore a story that catches our eye, developing a back and forth conversation between Transport Evolved’s two regular hosts.

As with our Quick Charge series, our Thought of the Day will be recorded very simply on a single smartphone, but then quickly edited together using the jump cut edit style popular with many YouTube vlogs. We think this style complements our other shows and offers us a different way to share our thoughts with you, our readers and viewers.

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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Richard Glover

    Surely Transport Evolved is about transport evolving hopefully for the better. Yes EV are different and in many ways better than ICE cars but we must not put them on a pedestal and think they are deserving of a premium price. They are not, they are just transport evolving and we need to fight for their greater adoption.nnThis rant is because I feel I have become accustomed to exclusivity (two years and 38k miles and still months can go by without the site of a fellow Leafer on the roads) and self-righteousness of driving a green car. And that shouldnu2019t be. It is just another vehicle on the roads.nnYour comments on the i3 in the USA are interesting to me in that recently I ask a Norwegian to clarify his post about the i3 being supplied with the heat-pump as standard in Norway because the REX is not an option there. He replied that it was more a case that the government incentives are not available to for an i3 with REX so itu2019s a no-brainer.nnJust imagine the congestion charge concession only being available to vehicles not able to emit any exhaust fumes at all.nnAnd those zero cars free to use the bus lanes.nnAnd things like that.nnAnd the 5k grant only available to zero cars.nnBut thenu2026.nnWhat can we ev-lovers do to demand fairness in prices other than not buy a car that is a stitch-up?nnIt use to rile me the way displayed the price of a Leaf, showing it without the 5k taken off. Now I realise it is a much more transparent approach. Compare two other Nissan Tenka automatic models (Note and Juke) with the Leaf and you will see what I mean.nnThe VW E-UP (Stitch-up) price is 3 times the base model and twice an auto High-Up.nnWhere is the justification? nnIn hindsight we should have been asking, u201chow much less would you expect to pay for the inconvenience an electric only caru201d and then perhaps we would not have put ourselves on the wrong footing.

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