Ultra High-Def EV Reviews Come to YouTube Thanks to Samsung

Reviewing cars on YouTube is a tough format to get right. Clear sound is a must: Reviewers shouldn’t stumble over what is being said, interesting features should be given just enough time to shine but not take up the whole video and on top of all of this, the camera quality has to be top-notch.

Doing a video review with an old camera just won’t do. The audience wants to see crisp, pixel perfect representations of the cars. This is is why most, if not all, car reviews online are now shot in HD. Even today, 1080p resolution really is the standard with a dip to 720p only as a last resort when extra cameras are roped into action at the last minute for additional shots or b-roll.

However, a new standard may be emerging now that camera technology is improving (and becoming more affordable) and bandwidth is on the increase. This week we stumbled across Christian von Koenigsegg reviewing the BMW i3 REx and the Tesla Model S P85  in a video which was recorded and displayed in 4k (that’s 2160p) offering an even clearer and more detailed viewing experience for those who have the bandwidth to watch the video.

The video really shows off the interiors of the cars. In both cars the Ultra-HD camera picks up the high-quality displays and highlights how much space is available to the driver and passengers.

Samsung provided the equipment to Koenigsegg for these reviews which are part of a series he has on YouTube.

If you can stand the lowly 1080p HD resolution of our own drive reviews however, do check them out over at our YouTube Channel.


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