Will the World’s Most Compact EV to Solve Last Mile Problem?

No one can deny that driving an electric vehicle is great fun. The instant torque making what could be a mundane commute to work something that brings the EV smile to your face.

But an electric car can only get one so close to their destination. Parking in city centres is at a premium and with many workers not getting parking with their jobs any more, commutes to out-of-town train stations or park and ride bus facilities are more and more common.

The has the unfortunate effect of making what could be a zero carbon commute dirty due to the tailpipe emissions of the ‘last mile’. And this ‘last mile’ problem is one many people are working on. From automated pod cars to electric buses, many solutions have been offered.

Enter URB-E (pronounced like Herbie, the number 53 Volkswagon Beetle), the world’s most compact e-vehicle, according to its creators. Taking design cues from electric bicycles, fold-away push bikes and, dare we say it, a swiss army knife the URB-E provides commuters with a electrifying ride for the last mile of their journey.

Currently seeking $150,000 in funding through indiegogo, the project has 23 days left to raise the remaining $65,578 at time of publishing.

The URB-E weighs 27lbs (13kg) with its lithium ion batteries. These batteries, coupled with the 250W brushless motor are able to provide a top speed of 15mph (24kmph) and a range of up to 20 miles (32km).

The URB-E Folds Up Small Enough to Sit Between Your Legs on a Train or Bus

The URB-E Folds Up Small Enough to Sit Between Your Legs on a Train or Bus

The URB-E comes in two models, a COMMUTER model which has two rear wheels for added stability in inner city settings and the GP with only a single wheel to give the electric bike a more sporty and fun feel.

The URB-E will be sold at two price points while in the funding stage, a $1599 ‘made in the USA’ price and a $799 ‘made overseas’ price.

The URB-E GP is the More Sporty/Fun Model

The URB-E GP is the More Sporty/Fun Model

The URB-E seems to be getting positive reviews from those who have tried it and we at Transport Evolved are slightly jealous as we can’t get our hands on one. If someone out there has had a test ride, do get in touch and let us know all about it!

What do you think of the URB-E? A good solution to the ‘last mile’ problem? Would you ride one? Let us know below.


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  • Guy Gooch

    Love it..

  • Kieron

    This is brilliant, I wish them success!

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  • caliper4

    I have been looking for a way to get around that is light weight and good for travel on plane,bus, cruise boats and train. I have problems walking for long distances and standing for more than 15 minutes. I am young and have health problems that make it hard to go to a Zoo, Fair or travel to places where walking a lot is mandatory like nScotland. This would work great. Hope you guys make it!

  • Steven Ingham