Nissan Assigns Another PlayStation Gamer to their ZEOD RC Le Mans Line Up

A second driver to come from Nissan’s GT Academy program, that takes the best players from the PlayStation racing simulator Gran Turismo and puts them into real-world racing training, has been confirmed as a driver for the Nissan ZEOD RC in Le Mans this year.

Belgian driver Wolfgang Reip will join Lucas Ordóñez in driving the car at Le Mans. Darren Cox, Nissan’s Global Motorsports Director said, ‘Every time we have given Wolfgang another opportunity he has grabbed it with open arms… Not only has he been fast but he is a quick learner and his technical feedback has been quite exceptional. We’ve already had him behind the wheel of the ZEOD RC in testing and he has again really impressed everyone.’

This Delta Wing Style Racing Car Can Drive at Speeds of up to ??

This Delta Wing Style Racing Car Can Drive at Speeds in Excess of 300km/h

The ZEOD RC is a hybrid racing car with Delta Wing styling. It is powered by a 3-cylinder turbo engine that is paired with two electric motors. Altogether they can push the car to speeds in excess of 300km/h (>185mph). The car uses regenerative braking to charge up the lithium ion batteries while racing.

Nissan is hoping the car will be able to do one whole lap of Le Mans on pure electrical power, a feat never achieved before.

When asked about the ZEOD RC Reip said, ‘I’ve already had the chance to test the ZEOD RC and it is something completely different to anything I’ve driven before. No one has tackled this type of challenge before and to be involved in such a project is amazing – I’m really proud to be involved.

‘The development of the power train is a really interesting project. I have learned a great deal on technical side of things, spending time with the engineers and the team.

’As a driver it is extremely useful for me to learn more about the technical side, especially for such a unique project.

‘Driving down the Mulsanne Straight at 300km/h in virtual silence will be something very special. Nobody has done it before and I really can’t imagine what it is going to feel like.’

What do you think about the ZEOD RC? Do you think Nissan will achieve its aim of one whole Le Mans lap on pure electricity? Let us know below:


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