Kia Wants You to Recharge Your Soul — While You Recharge Your Soul

If you’re a regular here at Transport Evolved, you’ll know that we’ve got a bit of an ongoing disappointment with most EV ads. That’s because most of them either focus in on the car’s green credentials, try to be overly clever, or leave us scratching our heads.

So when we heard about Kia’s first ever ad for its upcoming Soul EV, we breathed a sigh of relief because it’s just the right amount of clever, makes us smile, and leaves the viewer wanting more. What’s more, there isn’t a polar bear — or a Hamster — in sight.

The whole ad plays on the car’s name — the Kia Soul — and the undeniable fact that we, as humans, need time to relax. Showing a variety of people relaxing in a variety of ways, it tells us that “everyone needs time to be recharged,” suggesting that if it’s okay for us to spend time recharging then it’s okay for our car to do the same.

Essentially, Kia suggests that that our electric cars — or in this case the Soul EV — can be recharged while we recharge. It’s something that EV advocates have been pointing out for years, noting that while it might take many hours for an electric car’s battery pack to recharge from a domestic charging station, the simple act of plugging in the car takes just seconds. The rest is time you can spend doing other things.

After showing various different people relaxing in different ways, the Kia Soul EV ad introduces us to the Soul EV by showing its motorised charge bay door open on the front of the grille, and a young woman plugging the car in.

No Hamsters for the Kia Soul EV -- at least for now.

No Hamsters for the Kia Soul EV — at least for now.

And while we note that the range indicator — which rockets up in the ad at an unrealistic rate — might be taken for indicating how quickly the Soul EV charges in real life, we do love the ad’s funky beat and useful car facts, displayed neatly on the right hand side of the video.

The video ends with all the different people we saw at the start enjoying the zero emissions drive of the Soul EV, with the required teenage dancing to the catchy dance mix of Looking at the Sky by the Gangbangers playing over the top of the ad.

The ad finishes by asking us if we’ve ever been recharged with joy, emphasising the fun, carefree element of never having to queue for gas, worry about tailpipe emissions or smog checks, and of course, the fun of a torquey electric motor beneath your right foot.

Kia might be a little unenthusiastic publicly about its Soul EV to the point of us calling it little more than a compliance car for certain markets, but we’ve got to hand it to Kia’s ad team.  We’ve seen some amazing stuff from them over the past few years, including the infamous Hamsters (whom we secretly love) and even the slightly bizarre Kia K900 “The Truth” ad with Morpheus from The Matrix.

Is this the Kia ad team on its usual unstoppable form, a lucky break, or do they actually understand EVs? And will the Hamsters ever make an apperance in an EV?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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