Good News for Electric Cars as Renault-Nissan Strengthen their Alliance

In a bid to make the Renault Nissan alliance even stronger and achieve a minimum €4.3 billion annual synergy goal the two companies have agreed to implementing convergence plans in four key areas. One of which is engineering which includes advanced research and electric powertrain development.

The four areas being converged are: Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

“Convergence within these four key business functions will result in an immediate increase in efficiency and leverage our size to achieve competitive economies of scale,” said Renault-Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn. “The synergies will then enable us to deliver higher-value vehicles to customers and stay at the leading edge of innovation.”

Renault and Nissan Signed the Agreement for the Alliance in March 1999

Renault and Nissan Signed the Agreement for the Alliance in March 1999

The Renault-Nissan alliance was established in March 1999 and was is the first industrial and commercial partnership of its kind involving a French and a Japanese company. Since then both companies have released a selection of electric cars using similar but not identical components.

Namely Renault has the versatile Chameleon charger which can accept single or three-phase power ranging from 3kW to 44kW.

With Renault and Nissan having between them five different production electric vehicles on the market (LEAF, ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo ZE, e-NV200) with others on their way we hope this convergence will allow them to learn from each of these vehicles strengths to push electric cars and vehicles forward.

What would be your ideal outcome from this convergence? A LEAF with a Chameleon charger? A ZOE with CHAdoMO rapid charge? Let us know below.


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  • Liam Jackson

    You forgot the Fluence ZE!

  • Surya

    The Fluence isn’t really on the market :)nnIt makes total sense for them to team up on EVs, I hope it leads to better, more affordable and most of all more EVs from both companies.

  • Ad van der Meer

    I prefer to keep the Chameleon charger on my Zoe if chosing for CHAdeMO would mean I’d only be able to charge 1 phase AC.