Chinese Electric Vehicle Maker, BYD, Rolls Out More Electric Buses

It’s been a good few weeks for Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) with multiple orders for their electric vehicles. The city of Nanjing, China has placed an order for 600 K6 electric buses and 400 e6 cross-over fully electric cars.

A Fleet of BYD K6 Buses

A Fleet of BYD K6 Buses

Dalian, China has placed an order for 1200 electric buses, 600 to be delivered this year with another 600 following in 2015. And finally Los Angeles, USA will be holding a 90-day trial of one of the buses as part of their DASH service – It will run one of the routes ‘downtown’ that transports an average of 29,000 passengers per weekday.

“Should the BYD buses perform well under these conditions, it will prove to be very influential in Los Angeles Department of Transport’s decision to adopt the pure electric technology,” Los Angeles transit executive James Lefton said.

In Nanjing BYD are working to make sure that 50 K6 buses are operational for the Youth Olympic Games being held in the city in August.

Will You Be Seeing These in a City Near You Soon?

Will You Be Seeing These in a City Near You Soon?

“The Nanjing announcement will create one of the world’s largest fleet of pure electric public transport vehicles and certainly the largest supplied by BYD to date,” said Isbrand Ho, a BYD managing director. “This is a positive sign of the growing acceptance of pure electric transport vehicles such as the ebus having a significant role in making urban environments less polluted.”

BYD’s electric vehicles have now traveled over a combined total of 175 million kilometres (roughly 110 million miles). BYD buses are already on the streets of Shenzhen and having been demonstrated in New York, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Smog in Paris is a Major Issue. (Photo Copyright AFP)

Smog in Paris is a Major Issue. (Photo Copyright AFP)

Electrifying public transport is an important aim for cities and towns who want to address air quality and smog. With Paris having to take strong steps these last two weeks to combat excessive smog – first making all public transportation free to promote its use then mandating alternate driving days based on car registration number – we will only see more demand for electrified buses.

In Milton Keynes in the UK, a pilot project, managed by the European arm of Japanese firm Mitsu and UK engineering firm Arup in a joint venture called MBK Arup Sustainable Projects, will run for the next five years on the Number 7 bus route. These buses are fully electric and use wireless charging to top up at the beginning and end of the route while the bus has a short scheduled break in its timetable. If it proves successful, the wireless charging project could be expanded to cover more routes in the area.


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