Thought of the Day: Lacklustre Electric Car Performance

Mark responds to Nikki’s thoughts from yesterday on why electric cars are so politically divisive and talks about lacklustre electric car performance.  

Unlike our other shows, Thought of the Day is our chance to muse on one big story in the news each day, using it as a spring board to explore other topics, sometimes even outside of the Transport Evolved universe. Every weekday, Nikki and Mark will take it in turns to explore a story that catches our eye, developing a back and forth conversation between Transport Evolved’s two regular hosts.

As with our Quick Charge series, our Thought of the Day will be recorded very simply on a single smartphone, but then quickly edited together using the jump cut edit style popular with many YouTube vlogs. We think this style complements our other shows and offers us a different way to share our thoughts with you, our readers and viewers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • Someone Just

    Why would a normal car-builder build such a car ? Who would buy there other petrol cars if they did ?

  • Dennis Pascual

    Mark, nnyour first assumption was remove Tesla from the discussion… So, that pretty much excluded the only ones currently built to be FAST. Both models that have been produced appeal to enthusiasts who want a fast car.nnBMW has the i3 which is quick around 7.1 seconds for the BEV, but if you want faster than that, currently the Roadster and Model S are it. nnI agree that car manufacturers should make their EVs quicker, but it could also be an opportunity for the user community to create “tuners” for these other EVs, or to get people to do the ultimate in recycling and convert ICE vehicles to really quick EVs.

  • Richard Glover

    It just seems to me to be old-hat to talk about 0-60 times these days for a car designed for everyday use.On our crowded roads 0-60 is irrelevant. nnWhat I love about my lovely blue Leaf (gen 1) is it’s off the line speed, so I think for EV we should have our own rating comparisons in 0-30 mph.

  • Kieron

    I have been telling my friends for 20 years that our parents’ generation of baby boomers really did never have it so good. On top of all of that cheap energy, they lived their childhood in the innocent 50’s, their teenage years in the 60’s and after a blip in the 70’s earned stacks in the 80’s then retired once their houses had gone up 10 fold. Someone is going to write a book about this one day!

  • Mark, could you start using an external mic of good quality? The sound is very hollow and tinny, dominated by the echoes of your room. A good mic setup would not cost much but improve the quality of your video’s immensely. They are good already and deserve good sound. nnThank you.

  • Richard Glover

    great TOTD from Nikki in reply to you Mark.nI am retired and love my Leaf but very, very strongly feel that the biggest factor holding back greater acceptance of evs is simply the asking price.nMost people just live with the price of petrol and filling up once a week or whatever but buying a new car to them is all about “how much of a car am I going to get for the maximum I am prepared to spend today?”. What they will have to put their hand in their pocket for tomorrow is a very far of thought.nReally like Nikki’s idea of different motors for different needs (desires) nHot Leaf for me.nGet well soon Mark