Renault ZOE Electric Car Wins 2014 Monte Carlo ZENN Rally

After two days and three stages in difficult driving conditions, Renault’s all-electric ZOE hatchback has been crowned champion of this year’s 2014 Rallye Monte-Carlo Zenn.

The Renault ZOE has won this year's Monte Carlo ZENN rally.

The Renault ZOE has won this year’s Monte Carlo ZENN rally.

Beating cars like the Nissan LEAF, Tesla Roadster, Volkswagen e-Up! and Think City to the title, the Renault-sponsored works team driven by Greg Jonkerlinck and co-driver Yves Munier placed first overall in the fifth annual zero-emission variant of the iconic road race.

Starting on March 21 and ending on March 23, the eighteen competing teams — three of which drove Renault ZOEs — tackled not only challenging twisty roads and mountain passes but also had to contend with torrential rain and dense fog.

In addition to the various road stages, teams were also required to take part in three special stages, designed to test cars’ energy consumption, road handling and driver proficiency.

With seven nationalities represented and nine different makes of cars present, the Renault ZOE’s on-board Chameleon charger — capable of refuelling the car from any power source from a standard 3 kilowatt power outlet through to a 22 kilowatt three-phase supply or even 43 kilowatt AC quick charge station — meant that the three Zoe-driving teams were never left worrying about running flat.

In fact, according to Renault’s press team, not a single ZOE’s battery pack fell below 42 percent full on the stages, even when faced with a grueling 55 mile stage.

Interestingly too, while Renault’s works’ team walked away with all five medals, another ZOE team placed in second or third place in three of the four individual classes during the event.  Overall, the other Renault ZOE teams placed fourth and fifth overall.

Our congratulations go to all three Renault teams and we hope they’ll all be back next year to defend Renault’s title in the 2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo Zenn.

Well done!


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