How Much of an April Fool Are You?

The first of April is a day of questioning everything you read online. Doesn’t sound that plausible? It probably isn’t. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Just plain weird – well, it could be true but best not share it on social media just in case.

But how do you know what was real and what wasn’t in the fast changing world of electric cars? Well, we’ve got your back. Below is a round up of all the alternatively fuelled or electrically linked April Fools stories.

Mini Cooper T

With many of the Transport Evolved team being based in the UK you can be sure a cup of tea is never too far away. In fact, to say the British economy runs off of tea would be an understatement. Without the usual schedule of breakfast, ‘just got into work’, elevenses, lunchtime, mid-afternoon meeting, home time, ‘just got home’, pre-meal snack, post-meal snack and bedtime tea as a nation we just wouldn’t get anything done.

Could this be the Car to Get the UK off of Oil?

Could this be the Car to Get the UK off of Oil?

But unless travelling by bicycle or walking no one could ever claim to travel by tea. That is, until Mini announced their Mini Cooper T. Powered by tea-leaf biofuel this car has a range of 40 miles per cuppa. Coming in a range of colours such as Chamomile Yellow and Earl Grey the car also boasts DAT, dunk avoidance technology; basically a way to stop pesky passers by dunking any biscuits into your fuel tank.

BMW Driving Fast Simulator

Owning a thrillingly fast car and then spending most of your time travelling below 20mph on a commute into town is a pain. You never get to feel the pure excitement the car is capable of producing. Until now that is.

You Got a Fast Car? I Want a Ticket to G-Force.

You Got a Fast Car? I Want a Ticket to G-Force.

Enter BMW’s Force Injection Booster technology. Using power regained through regen (we assume, the press release refers to kinetic energy extracted form the car’s engine) when activated the Force Injection Booster system sends the heating systems fans into overdrive to simulate the experience of driving fast. To add to this effect conductors in the seats deliver small electric shocks to your posterior to give you that ‘buttock clench’ feeling.

Tesla Pet Drive

It’s been known for a while that Tesla is working in their ‘autopilot’ technology. Elon Musk has explained that their system aims to allow the car to drive itself 90% of the time rather than offering a fully autonomous service. But in a blog post released on the Tesla site by the autonomous driving team it seems that Tesla has given up this goal and is taking another approach.

It's Driving Cats and Dogs!

It’s Driving Cats and Dogs!

Animal drive. Having done extensive research on YouTube, the autonomous driving team feel like they are onto something here. Discounting cats for being too likely to drive off of cliffs and dogs for their tendency to lose concentration or chase squirrels, the team is now focusing on goldfish. If anyone can pull this off, it’s Tesla.

Of course, Tesla are not the first people to have the idea of fish driven cars:

Nissan GT-R Qi Charger

Recharging your mobile phone is a pain… Okay, no it’s not. But it’s a problem a lot of people think they have. Nissan plans to solve this problem with their QI wireless charger. Simply place your phone on the charger and it will be 100% full in 2.8 seconds.

Overhead Power for EVs

Many research groups and companies are looking into how wireless charging can be used to boost the range of electric cars. One common idea is the creation of ‘EV lanes’ which are built with wireless chargers built in. Cars then travelling along them can charge while still driving therefore gaining increased range.

But what about overhead charging systems? We covered a story yesterday where modified LEAFs were using the overhead power cables in San Francisco to provide power in order to get around the city… To deliver hot toast to people’s doors. Toast being the breakfast item of the moment in cool San Fran.

And it seems like we weren’t the only ones with this idea… Which leads us to think, maybe there is something in this?

Not So Useful Tips to Increase Range  provided some not so useful tips to increase range in your all electric or plug in car. From simple ideas like making sure your energy supplier is providing you with fresh rather than recycled electrons to the slightly harder like making sure you only ever drive downhill.

Did you notice any other alternative fuel or electric related April Fool stories yesterday? If so, let us know.


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