ChargeLounge Combines Electric Car Charging With Departure Lounge Luxury

Traditionally, quick charging stations, be they AC or DC, are located at electric car dealerships, shopping malls and motorway rest stops.

ChargeLounge is a new concept in electric car charging

ChargeLounge is a new concept in electric car charging

In most of these locations, there’s usually some form of refreshment and toilet facilities nearby, but what if every rest-stop had its own exclusive airport-style lounge, reserved for those who have stopped for a quick charge?

That’s the idea behind ChargeLounge, a brand-new concept being launched next week at the 2014 Hannover Messe, taking place from April 7-11.

Part executive lounge, part charging station, it proposes a future where electric car owners are given the equivalent of an airport checkin lounge service every time they stop to charge. 

There’s free coffee, toilet facilities and of course, complementary WiFi. Only available to rapid charging station customers, the ChargeLounge even has meeting room facilities which can be booked out in advance, meaning EV-owning executives don’t have to miss out on important work meetings just because they’re on the road.

Presented by Fraunhofer IAO as the result of a collaborative effort between various supporting charging providers and technology firms, the project was sponsored by IKEA, the State agency for electric mobility and fuel, and Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

What would you like to do while your EV charges?

What would you like to do while your EV charges?

While the current ChargeLounge will form an exhibit at the important Hannover Masse expo, there are already plans to implement ChargeLounge technology all across Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the coming decade.

After the end of the Hannover Masse, ten prototype ChargeLounges will be deployed across Germany. If these are successful then a wider deployment will begin next year with the plans to build around 1,000 ChargeLounge installations by 2020.

Naturally every type of DC fast charging will be supported, from AC rapid charge to DC CHAdeMo and DC Combo standards, although we’re not sure if Tesla’s DC quick charge standard will be included at the time of writing.

Here at Transport Evolved, we have to admit that the idea of relaxing in a specially-built EV-only charging lounge is a pretty cool one. Frankly, we were convinced when we read coffee and Wifi.

But what about you? Would you welcome this type of charging lounge in your area — and how much would you pay to use it?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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