Tesla Launches Model S Electric Car Business Lease Programme in U.S.

A year after Tesla Motors launched its Resale Value Guarantee program for private Model S customers, the Californian automaker has launched a new program designed to make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to own an all-electric car.

Want to get a Tesla Model S as a company car? Now you can, at least in the U.S.

Want to get a Tesla Model S as a company car? Now you can, at least in the U.S.

Simply called Tesla Business Leasing, the new way for business owners to finance a Model S — and eventually other Tesla cars when they launch — is being offered by a new subsidiary of Tesla specifically set up to handle business customers.

Like Tesla’s Resale Value Guarantee program for private customers, business customers will be given the option of handing their car back after three years of ownership for a guaranteed figure. As with private customers, business customers will also be able to arrange a loan to buy the car outright should they wish via any of Tesla’s official banking partners.

In an official press release announcing the new scheme, Tesla said that it has been inundated over the past year by business customers eager to benefit from the tax benefits of owning an electric car instead of a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle as their company car. The launch of the new business lease program today, Tesla says, is a direct response to those requests.

As with the standard Finance package for private buyers, Tesla is keen to provide you with ‘effective prices’ for business customers, taking into effect things like gasoline savings and tax perks alongside to offset the finance payments. The effect, it says, is a net Business Lease of as low as $408 a month for a 60 kWh base-spec Model S.  Just don’t expect to be paying that little when you order it though: the cost before any tax calculations or saved gasoline will be nearer to $1012 a month.

Since it’s Tesla however, you might expect taking a Model S out on a business lease to be a little different from other car leases, and in this case you won’t be disappointed.

Instead of reams of lease documentation, Tesla promises just a few pages of carefully-written, easy-to-understand documentation. And when you’re happy with the lease, you simply press the accept button on your brand-new company car.

Are you tempted to lease a Tesla Model S for your company? Do you think you could convince your boss to buy one? And what do you think the reaction to Tesla’s ‘net effective pricing’ will be in the business world?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Grant Thomas

    What about the UK? I don’t think Tesla are guaranteeing any residual values in the UK……

  • suthanalley

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