Thought of the Day: EV Owners’ Groups (Nikki, April 10, 2014)

Nikki responds to Mark’s thoughts from yesterday on Business EVs and asks if EV owners’ groups are a good thing for EV owners and would-be EV owners to attend?

Unlike our other shows, Thought of the Day is our chance to muse on one big story in the news each day, using it as a spring board to explore other topics, sometimes even outside of the Transport Evolved universe. Every weekday, Nikki and Mark will take it in turns to explore a story that catches our eye, developing a back and forth conversation between Transport Evolved’s two regular hosts.

As with our Quick Charge series, our Thought of the Day will be recorded very simply on a single smartphone, but then quickly edited together using the jump cut edit style popular with many YouTube vlogs. We think this style complements our other shows and offers us a different way to share our thoughts with you, our readers and viewers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Grant Thomas

    Good luck with BEVoB on Sunday; how many you got going?

  • Dennis Pascual

    I believe that EV meetups are useful to get more people into the rEVolution. Some people like to be able to see the cars and ask actual owners their views before jumping into things. It’s ideal for advocacy so that people that are curious about plugin vehicles can approach people that live with EVs EVeryday [Mark will probably be irritated by my “random capitalizations”] as opposed to sales people. The EV driving public has moved beyond our early “hippie” adopters to those of us who normally would not have been as environmentally conscious.nnnAdditionally, it’s a great place to see what other owners have done to their vehicles that might help with one’s own vehicle. For example, in California, it is required to have a front license plate mounted on one’s vehicle. Some local jurisdictions ticket more so than others. Thus the “removable” front license plate solutions have become a big thing for Tesla Model S owners. The Tesla solution is to deface the vehicle by drilling into the nosecone and the owner community have created several creative solutions using industrial magnets, twist ties, etc.

  • vdiv

    Some EV groups are better than others…nnThat is all I have to say about that.