Johnny Depp: Musk Got a Speeding Ticket Showing Me The Tesla Model S

We’re not ones to gossip. Nor do we pay much attention to the world of celebrity, but sometimes we encounter a story which crosses so far into our world we just have to have a giggle. Especially when it involves a larger-than-life A-list celebrity, Elon Musk, a traffic cop, and a Tesla Model S.

Johnny Depp admits he, his costars, and Elon Musk, were caught speeding in a Tesla Model S during the filming of Transcendence Photo: Angela George, Creative CommonsAttribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Johnny Depp admits he, his costars, and Elon Musk, were caught speeding in a Tesla Model S during the filming of Transcendence. Photo: Angela George, Creative CommonsAttribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

As the UK’s infamous Sun tabloid newspaper reported over the weekend, Depp and some of his fellow cast from upcoming Sci-fi film Transcendence were being given a personal demonstration of the prowess of a Tesla Model S by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk when the local highway patrol pulled them over for speeding.

Depp, who says he had never before ridden in the luxury all-electric sedan, was introduced to Musk by the film’s director Wally Pfister. Musk, who had driven down to the set, then offered Depp, fellow cast members Rebecca Hall, and Paul Bettany, and director Pfister a ride.

“I had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” Depp gushed to the Sun. “The director introduced me to Elon Musk at Tesla. He came and visited the set and we had a ride around in his car but then the police pulled us over”.

Depp, who plays an influential artificial intelligence expert in the film, seems rather taken with the luxury plug-in sports sedan, but said while Musk remained light-hearted about the whole thing, the highway patrol officer who pulled them over wasn’t.

It was one of these which got Musk and co into trouble. Who can blame them?

It was one of these which got Musk and co into trouble. Who can blame them?

“Elon had a good sense of humour about it. The cop did not. He needed a humour chip. But it was a good time, nonetheless,” Depp said.

We think perhaps it wasn’t so much the fact that Musk was speeding which caught the cop’s attention though: Depp was sat in the front passenger seat with Paul Bettany riding in his lap.

Naturally, we can’t condone riding in someone’s lap or speeding in a luxury electric car. But this little snippet of salacious news — its disclosure perfectly timed to coincide with the film’s impending U.S. release this weekend — did make us chuckle. While Depp didn’t disclose when the incident happened, we’d have to guess it was some time ago, since it apparently happened while filming for Transcendence was still going on.

It also poses another question: does this mean Depp is going to become Tesla’s latest celebrity customer? And if so, what sort of specification car will he buy? And will it be customized in any way?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, along with your suggestions for what Mr. Depp should include if — and when — he buys a super sexy Model S for himself.


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  • EV docmaker

    It is rather pathetic that a guy who owns his own island does not already own a TESLA. What is a matter with these celebrities ? Whenever I see some article about some celebrity house for sale for tens of millions the first thing I look for in the photos are solar panels and in almost all cases there are none. Celine Dion was selling a property in Florida the size of a hotel with its own private beach for about $50 million not a solar panel or TESLA in sight. Meanwhile there are millions of ordinary people who long to afford both and look forward to the cheaper TESLA. In the meantime there are over 130,000 American households who have $25 million dollars or more even if 30,000 have bought a TESLA and that is not the case as many people who have are people who have sacrificed to afford one that is another 100,000 cars TESLA could sell. The more the current model sells the more that brings the GEN III forward and better for the rest of us. There are approximately 9 million American households who could buy an 85kWh TESLA at current prices. The notion that TESLA has run out of celebs or rich people to sell to as suggested elsewhere it total hogwash. It seems most rich people think its okay to have a house the size of a hotel powered by climate chaos coal or public money draining and safety horror nuclear. Just as Lady Gaga with her $160,000 BMW or Jennifer Lopez with her $250,000 Bentley thinks their polluting beasts is their right and in Mrs Albright sociopath mindset the price of Oil Wars, the destruction of countries by military and corporations and costs in healthcare and national debt from oil junky crack addiction is a price they think is worth it. That is as along as they can isolate and insulate themselves and their families while everyone else pays the price. Even the most extreme maxed version of a TESLA is cheap compared to the maniac sports cars driven by rappers and other brainless no-talent show-offs.

    • koopapoopas

      These celebrities, like others are stuck in the past, and feel like Solar and EV’s are not ready for prime time.nnnIn reality, if we had our acts together, we could have done these things 20+ years ago.

  • EV docmaker check out TRAILER to my EV centric documentary

    • u010eakujem

      I’m jealous. So so jealous!

  • u010eakujem

    Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, and a traffic cop – sounds like a beer-fueled joke!

    • Paul Bettany riding in his lap, Rebecca Hall and Wally Pfister in back. Sounds like room for at least a couple more Transcendeners. Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, or Margin Call? nnThe Model X has better seating and access u2026 and should be ready in time for Musk to chauffeur the gang to the Oscars. 😉 nnOn the rumor side, a Model XL (X Limo edition) with dual gull-wing doors would be very cool.

  • concerned

    Speeding with passengers in an unsafe seating arrangement during the production of a $100M dollar investment. Investors of TESLA as well as movie producers considering these celebrities in their next film should take note.

  • PuppetMaster2

    I bet you that cop had SCMODS! State, County, Municipal, offender data system!