Thought of the Day: Epic EV Trips (Nikki, April 16, 2014)

Nikki responds to Marks thoughts from yesterday on building your own EV,  and asks what epic EV trips he’d like to make.

Unlike our other shows, Thought of the Day is our chance to muse on one big story in the news each day, using it as a spring board to explore other topics, sometimes even outside of the Transport Evolved universe. Every weekday, Nikki and Mark will take it in turns to explore a story that catches our eye, developing a back and forth conversation between Transport Evolved’s two regular hosts.

As with our Quick Charge series, our Thought of the Day will be recorded very simply on a single smartphone, but then quickly edited together using the jump cut edit style popular with many YouTube vlogs. We think this style complements our other shows and offers us a different way to share our thoughts with you, our readers and viewers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Kalle Centergren

    i would like to do the famous paris to shanghai tripp trew the gobi decert. that would be cool to do with a model s with thin filmed solar panels roled upp in the frunk (drive all night, charge all day)nnnanother cool one would be to drive from nordkap in northen norway to lisbon

  • Richard Glover

    I fancy driving my lovely blue Leaf from my home in Maldon Essex UK to my other home in Haikou China. That would be interesting

  • MEroller

    Nikki, if my electric scooter comes together well again after this extended weekend I will strive to also be a part of that new world record attempt of an EV-traffic jam around the Mercedes Benz Museum and Daimler Stadium in Bad Cannstatt (not Stuttgart like the WAVE folks call it 😉 on May 31! As I need to come way early (at least three hours before the start) in order to charge up enough for the electric traffic jam and the way home afterwards I should have loads of time to chat with you and other EVers in person there. That would be my personal EV-holiday’ish trip 🙂