Transport Evolved Episode 197: The Tesla Dance

On today’s Transport Evolved: Tesla rents more land, Nissan seriously considers bigger battery packs, and a guy does the Tesla dance — nude — on the PCH. 

These stories an more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley and Martin Messer Thomsen.

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by EV consultant Martin Messer Thomsen.

Martin Messer Thomsen has spent 10+ years working with ground support vehicles at Copenhagen airport before running his own company for the past three years. an EV advocate and driver, he’s currently involved in forming his own European E-mobility consultancy as well as a Scandinavian EV toursit project. More recently, he became the first person to document how fast a Tesla Model S can really drive on the Autobahn, as well as prove that the Tesla Model S can travel from Berlin to Copenhagen on a single charge. 

(You can find Martin Messer Thomsen on Facebook, and read more from him at his blog.)

We spy the first Tesla Supercharger in the UK, find out what the average EV driver was like in 2013, Toyota puts some serious deals down on the RAV4 EV, and Tesla leases more land in the Central Californian Valley


Over the easter weekend, we spied the first UK Supercharger site for charging the Tesla Model S. Where else would we like to see them?


What’s the average EV driver like? As we know there’s no such thing as Mr. or Mrs. average, but data from last year’s EV sales show that EV owners tend to be younger and more wealthy than their hybrid-owning counterparts.


Over in California, Toyota is starting to worry that it won’t sell the necessary 2,600 RAV4 EV compliance cars it needs to by next year, so it has come up with some crazy cash-on-the-hood lease deals. Will it tempt anyone to buy one?


Finally for the segment, Tesla has just obtained a permit to modify a building it’s leasing in the central californian valley, seemingly for a CNC Milling facility. But what will it make there?

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Part 2

Tesla finds a friend in the FTC, Consumer Reports finds out dealers don’t know much about EVs, BMW’s U.S. spec i3 REx seems to be less well equipped than the European version, and a guy dances nude on top of a Tesla Model S.


Tesla’s ongoing battle with auto dealer associations across the U.S. for the right to sell direct to customers has had some victories as well as defeats. But now it looks like the electric automaker has a new friend in the form of the FTC, which has spoken out against Tesla Bans.


Consumer Reports published the details of an undercover study this week in which it highlighted the misinformation and apathy of car sales people towards plug-ins. We discuss how this can be changed moving forward.


The BMW i3 is due to launch in the U.S. in the coming few months, and that means BMW has been training its U.S. dealers. As a consequence, some discrepancies between the U.S. and European models have come to light, begging the question: does the U.S. lose out to the original Euro models?


We’ve all felt mad in traffic at some point in our lives, but have you ever danced nude on top of your car before? This guy did.. on top of his Model S… in the middle of the PCH.

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Part 3

Tesla begins deliveries of the Model S in China — but you may find yourself in a lottery to get one, Nissan seriously considers making the LEAF’s battery pack bigger, Volvo gives the V60 the racing look, and Woz pranks the Internet.


Tesla has finally started deliveries of the Model S in China, with the promise of Chinese-made cars with a few years. But getting registration for your Model S there may be harder than you think.


At last week’s New York International Auto Show, Nissan exec Andy Palmer gave the best hint yet that Nissan is planning a longer-range Nissan LEAF. The question is when… and how much?


Volvo’s R-Design badge, while little more than a styling change, is quite popular among its customers. From August you can buy a sporty-designed V60 plug-in hybrid, complete with large 18-inch alloys and sporty interior. But will it be worth the extra money?


And finally…

We love Woz. Co-founder of Apple, joker, and Tesla Model S driver, he pranked the Internet yesterday by snapping a photo of him with a Model X. But will he buy one to replace his beloved Hummer H1?

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