99 Problems But The Pump Ain’t One: Jay-Z Buys a Tesla Model S

Rappers love cars. In general, the newer, the faster, and the more expensive, the better. From driving a pimped out SUV riding on 22s to cruising through LA in a drop-top supercar, rappers from Puff Daddy to Snoop Doog are known for their love of big cars, big sound systems and big bling.

Maybe this is what Jay-Z will be wearing in the future? (Disclaimer: Yes, we photoshopped this)

Maybe this is what Jay-Z will be wearing in the future? (Disclaimer: Yes, we photoshopped this)

That’s no different for Shawn Corey Carter, aka Jay-Z, whose car collection includes some legendary cars, including a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, Ferrari F430 Spider, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach Exelero, Bugatti Veyron, and Maybach 62S. Oh, and of course the obligatory Cadillac Escalade… and a Tesla Model S.

According to Gas2 Jay-Z has apparently added the luxury all-electric Model S sedan to his garage, and we guess will now be able to cruise with his homies on zero-emissions.

Of course, in keeping with the rest of his garage, Jay-Z has opted for an all-black car, riding on what looks to be Tesla’s all-black 21 inch turbine wheels.  We’d expect too that he’s opted for the P85 performance plus model, which starts at $104,070 with the wheels included.

Add the extra options befitting of a rapper — including the tech package, extended Nappa leather trim, and full-length glass panoramic roof — and we’re thinking Jay-Z would have spent nearer $120,000 on his ride.

Given that most of his other cars have sticker prices more than three times that, we think Jay-Z should be pleased with his latest bargain, not to mention the running costs. Fitted with Supercharger capabilities as standard, Mr. Z should be able to be able to pull up and charge for free at any of the more than 100 Tesla Supercharger sites now operational across the U.S., and joins a growing list of celebrities who have opted to add a super-sexy Tesla to their garage.

Congratulations, Jay-Z. You might have 99 problems, but the pump ain’t one.

Editorial Disclaimer: Yes, we photoshopped this particular picture. But we think someone needs to make Jay-Z a Tesla Medallion, don’t you? 


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