Rimac Automobili Prepares for €8 Million Investment

Rimac Automobili, a Croatian company that makes and sells electric vehicle drivetrains as well as being responsible for creating the world’s fastest production electric vehicle, is readying itself for up to €8 million ($11 million / £6.7 million) in investment.

The first of the two possible investors, as reported by, is Frank Kanayet Yepes, a South American entrepreneur who has a passion for sports cars. In fact he owns one of only 33 Ferrari 599XXs ever made. That’s a track-only 720 horsepower sports car.

The second investor is a minerals and metals company called Sinocop Resources. In early March they announced a non-binding term sheet agreement to buy 10 per cent of Rimac for €5 million in cash and €2 million in stock.

There's no denying that the Concept_One looks good.

There’s no denying that the Concept_One looks good.

Rimac is known in the electric vehicle world for its concept car, the Concept_One. This is a two-seat sports car that puts the Tesla Roadster to shame. It can jump from 0 – 62mph in 2.8 seconds while dragging along an amazing 91 kWh battery.

The total output of the car is 811kW which translates to 1600 Newton-metres of torque (1200 pound-feet). This not only gives the car its amazing acceleration but allows it to travel at up to 189 miles per hour (304km/h) with a potential range of 310 miles (499km). Each wheel in the Concept_One is powered by a separate liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor and power distribution is controlled by an all wheel torque vectoring system.

But this car doesn’t come cheap. It will set one back just shy of $1 million.

Deliveries of the Concept_One have started, have you ever seen one in real life?

Deliveries of the Concept_One have started, have you ever seen one in real life?

With the investment, Rimac plans to double their team by the end of the year to allow them to increase production on their cars plus their new project, the Greyp electric bike.

As with the Concept_One these bikes will be something special, even in the world of electric bikes. The first feature to change the way people think about transportation is that the bike is key and fob-less. Using fingerprints to register if a user is allowed to use the bike, in what mode the bike should be started (street or speed) or if any restrictions are placed on that rider. For example, you could register your friend’s finger print on the bike but limit him to 15 minutes of riding with a top speed of 60mph.

Although at a price of €6,500 this is a luxury bike for those with the money.

Is this the 'Model S' of electric bikes?

Is this the ‘Model S’ of electric bikes?

Could Rimac be walking along the same path as taken by Tesla Motors? Would you consider buying a Concept_One or a Greyp bike? Let us know below.


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