Tesla Fan Film: How Nozzie the Nozzle Gets A Second Chance With Tesla

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Tesla fans make the best video ads ever. In the past year or so, we’ve covered a huge number, from the simple message of Hope through to the fun fantasy world of TESLA — Modern SpaceshipEach video in its own way has encompassed Tesla’s ethos, proclaimed its simple message, and of course, spawned hundreds of social media discussions as existing and future owners discuss its impact on them.

Oh my! Nozzie is one sad gas nozzle... all because an electric car didn't stop for gas.

Oh my! Nozzie is one sad gas nozzle… all because an electric car didn’t stop for gas.

But what you’re about to see is arguably one of the more light-hearted fan ads we’ve seen to date. It’s also probably one of the cutest, with some really clever puppeteering giving life to what is normally an inanimate object we don’t think twice about. Unless of course, you drive an EV.

Meet Nozzie, a gas-station nozzle whose job it is to dispense gasoline to every customer at the Pat’s Gas Station in New York. Nozzie has had a happy life until one day, a car pulls up next to his pump which doesn’t need to refill. It is, of course, a Tesla Model S — and its owner hasn’t stopped for gas.

Watching the super sexy black Model S pull away, the fantastically expressive Nozzie looks glum. He knows that the gas station manager will give him a rough time about letting a customer go without buying gas.

Sure enough, after what we assume is a colourful dressing down by his boss, Nozzie gets fired and sent home.

In an attempt to cheer himself up, Nozzie eats an Ice Cream. Then takes to the liquor. But nothing helps, and finally Nozzie finds himself at a local pawn shop.

Unloved, unused and forgotten, Nozzie is crammed in alongside bowling balls and light bulbs in the shop, until a woman spies him and picks him up. She takes Nozzie home, gives him a lovely soapy bath to clean him up…and gives him a new life as a water hose, providing clean water for the garden of the very same Tesla Model S owner who caused him to lose his job at the start of the film.

We’d like to take our hats off to the team who made this, especially to the folks who turned two stick-on eyes, a fabric mouth and an old gas pump nozzle into a living, breathing creature with real aspirations, feelings and fears.

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