Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show Episode 198: Foiled Again

On today’s Transport Evolved: The most efficient car on sale today, why two is better than one, and anal itching from a Model S. These stories and more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley and Louis Palmer


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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by Louis Palmer, pilot of the Solar Taxi and man behind the annual World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE).

Originally a school teacher, Louis became the first person to travel around the world by solar-powered electric vehicle in 2009 with his wonderfully-named Solar Taxi.

Since then, he’s been responsible for organising a succession of fantastic electric car expeditions around the world, including the WAVE.

Now in its fourth year, the WAVE trophy has become a mainstay of the European and world-wide electric car calendar, and this year we’ll be there as official media partners!

(To find out more about Louis be sure to find him on Facebook, and of course head over to! .)

Part 1

We fine out about the WAVE trophy; Elon Musk plans two, not one Gigafactory sites; and the BMW i3 gets its official EPA ratings, HOV-lane access and rebates.

[00:03:00] In just under a months’ time, the 2014 WAVE Trophy will be winding its way through Germany and Switzerland on an epic electric car road trip. But what is the WAVE, and why does it exist? We’ll be finding out.

[00:35:00] Over in the U.S., Tesla’s hunt for the perfect Gigafactory site is close to moving to the next stage. But this week Tesla CEO Elon Musk shocked us when he said there would be two, not one, sites developed up to and including ground breaking. Why?

[00:38:50] Meanwhile, the BMW i3 is getting ever-close to its official U.S. launch, with some cars even arriving at dealerships. Now, the i3 has official EPA rating as well as approval for the i3 REX in both HOV lane and rebate programs in California, so we really are days — not weeks — away from the first deliveries!

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Part 2

Rimac gears up for investment, the UK recommits to supporting electric cars, eBay gives away a Tesla Model S, and the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive gets priced for the U.S. and Europe.

[00:45:20] Remember the Rimac Concept One? While just a concept car, it has given rise to an incredibly fast production model which could give Tesla a tough time in the marketplace. Now that Rimac is getting more than €8 million of investment on board, should Tesla be worried?

[00:49:20] The UK government has traditionally been rather lukewarm when it comes to electric cars, but a new investment program worth £500 million could transform the UK from a petrol-head nation to a volt-head nation. We drill down and examine what the funds will be used for.

[00:55:00] Internet auction site eBay is known for its clever publicity stunts, and giving away a brand new Tesla Model S is up there among them. But what’s the catch? 

[00:59:40] In the same week that the BMW i3 gets its official EPA ratings for the U.S. market, Mercedes-Benz has announced the pricing of both the U.S. and European spec B-Class Electric Drive. The i3’s natural competitor, it looks like a close match on paper, but why is the UK model priced so much more expensively than the U.S. one? 

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Part 3

Tin Foil hats attack Tesla in a bizarre flyer campaign, the Nissan LEAF pulls away from the Chevrolet Volt in terms of sales, Nissan launches a weird ad that we don’t understand, and we introduce you to the cutest gas pump ever.


Tin foil conspiracy theorists have been around for years, but we’ve never before seen them attack Tesla Model S owners before… until now. Tech journalist Ryan Block got a shock this week when he found this crazy flyer stuffed onto the windshield of his Tesla Model S. 

What’s it about? We have no idea. But the anal itching sounds bad.


It was the end of April this week, which means U.S. sales figures for electric cars are out again. This time, they show the continuing trend of LEAF outselling the Volt. But why? 


We’ve seen some pretty weird ad stunts in our time, including ones involving animals. But Nissan’s latest ad for the LEAF electric car tackles its quietness — something that opponents of EVs have been complaining about for years. Smart, stupid, or quirky?

And finally…


Meet Nozzie. He loses his job at the gas station because he failed to sell a guy gas for his Tesla Model S. But there’s a happy ending. Is this the cutest Tesla Model S fan ad to date?

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