Tesla Motors Job Fair Cancelled After It Caused Major Traffic Jams

When Apple launches a new product, it’s usual to see queues of people snaking across entire city blocks to get their hands on one. When talent shows hold local casting auditions, people will camp out for days at a time to be given a chance at stardom. And when the phenomenon that is Star Wars held open casting auditions for Episode VII. people drove for hours to get a chance to wield a light sabre.

Tesla's job fair on Saturday was so popular that Tesla had to cancel it.

Tesla’s job fair on Saturday was so popular that Tesla had to cancel it.

But the opportunity to work for an automaker holding a job fair? That’s not the kind of thing you’d expect would cause traffic chaos or massive tailbacks. Unless you’re Californian automaker Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA], that is.

According to NBC Bay Area, a Job Fair due to be held on Saturday at the Fremont, California facility where Tesla makes it Model S electric car was cancelled after it was overwhelmed by hundreds of eager job seekers looking for a chance to work with the revolutionary company.

The decision was made by Tesla after traffic backed up on I-880, which passes right by the Tesla Fremont facility where the job fair was being held. The traffic was so bad that the Fremont Police Department took to Twitter to ask drivers to avoid the area surrounding 45500 Fremont Blvd., due to the “overwhelming response” to Tesla’s event.

Tesla's job fair caused massive traffic jams around the area surrounding Tesla's  Fremont Factory.

Tesla’s job fair caused massive traffic jams around the area surrounding Tesla’s Fremont Factory.

“Given the very high level of interest and after speaking with local law enforcement, out of consideration for the job seekers, the local community and motorists, Tesla decided to close today’s job fair,” Tesla said in an official statement later on Saturday morning.

The fair was scheduled to run from 8am through until 5pm., but the local roads surrounding the Fremont factory had become so gridlocked that Tesla made a tweet around 10am that it was closing its fair down.

It was followed shortly after by a tweet thanking those who attended for being so patient.

“I came here around 8 or 9am, but they told me it was already over,” said Fremont resident Alex Chang. Enticed by the prospect of a job at the facility after he was laid off by his previous job, Chang was among the hundreds of interested would-be applicants wanting to attend the fair.

“I was kinda disappointed because we couldn’t go inside to meet the people. I don’t think that’s fair for everybody,” he continued.

Other people who had hoped to get a chance to talk to Tesla about a career with the automaker talk of being similarly frustrated by the massive queues and decision of Tesla to shut the job fair down. One said that she was told to email her resume to Tesla instead, and that the company would contact her in due course.

Following Saturday’s closure of the job fair, Tesla said that those who weren’t lucky enough to make it inside the job fair should still consider a job at Tesla. As a consequence, it is urging those who didn’t get an interview or talk to anyone on Saturday to apply online instead via its Careers page.

“Our priority is to ensure that everyone who wants to apply has an equal opportunity to do so, regardless of if they attended the job fair or not,” Tesla said in an official statement.

Did you go to the job fair? Were you among the few lucky ones who made it inside, or were you stuck queueing only to be turned away? Has this changed your view of Tesla Motors or do you still want to work there? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the Comments below.


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