Electric Car Motor Electromagnetic Radiation Completely Safe, Says EU Report

The electromagnetic radiation produced by the electric motors driving the wheels of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars won’t harm you.

Electric cars won't fry your brain, or those of those you love, says an EU-funded study into EM radiation.

Electric cars won’t fry your brain, or those of those you love, says an EU-funded study into EM radiation.

That’s the official verdict of an EU-funded seven-country study into the effects of close proximity to powerful electric motors and electric vehicles in general, led by SINTEF, an independent research organization based in Trondheim, Norway.

Prompted by anecdotal evidence and fear mongering that occupants of electric and hybrid cars were being subjected to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation from their car’s electric motor and power systems — supposedly causing nausea, drowsiness, headaches and even childhood cancer — the team of researchers examined the amount of radiation produced by seven different electric vehicles, two gasoline-powered cars, and even a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Using a test-dummy with sensors located in its head, chest and feet, the physicists recorded the electromagnetic radiation at various locations within each car, comparing the radiation with that recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Their findings prove what Consumer Reports did almost four years ago: cars fitted with large electric motors, be they hybrids, full-electric or hydrogen, pose no real health risk from electromagnetic radiation to drivers or occupants.

In analyizing the data collected during its study, the team at SINTEF concluded that electric cars exposed passengers to less than 2 percent of the ICNIRP’s limit at head height, while results from all conditions showed that the exposure was less than 20 percent of ICNIRP limits at floor level, where radiation levels were the highest.

For gasoline-powered vehicles, the researchers found non-ionized ration levels hovered at around 10 percent of ICNIRP limits.

Don't worry: an electric car won't make you ill.

Don’t worry: an electric car won’t make you ill.

“There is a good deal of public concern about exposure to magnetic fields. The subject crops up regularly in the media. With the number of electric-powered vehicles increasing, this project is very relevant,” Kari Schjølberg-Henriksen, one of the SINTEF physicist taking part in the study said.

 “There is absolutely no cause for concern. The difference between this research and similar earlier work is that we have taken into account what contributes to the magnetic fields. The rotation of the wheels themselves generates considerable magnetic fields, irrespective of vehicle type,” Schjølberg-Henriksen continued. 

Interestingly, the team went on to draft design guidelines for automakers seeking to reduce non-ionizing radiation produced by electric cars even further, although we should note that it isn’t really necessary given the levels discovered in the test.


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  • Arthur

    Ahh….yes….the multi-year, multi-million euro, multi-country state-of-the-art study led by the very respected Sintef to determine if there are any long term health effects from long term exposure to EMF in hybrid and electric cars. Here are its main assumptions and conclusions:

    1. Benzene is bad, so it doesn’t matter if battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and powerful hybrids cause health risks.

    2. BEVs are safe, but long term health effects were ignored by this study !!!! (Huh….isn’t that what we wanted to figure out???)

    3. BEVs are safe, but EMF from batteries and battery cables were completely ignored by this study.

    4. BEVs are safe, but a lot more research is necessary!!!

    5. BEVs are safe, but you should really position that electric motor and battery as far away from the occupants as possible…but don’t worry…they’re safe.

    6. Before we can force BEV manufacturers like Tesla to report EMF data for their cars, we really need to increase the EMF safety thresholds, and there should be no safety limit on the EMF from the battery and wiring.

    7. We can make all these ridiculous assumptions because socialism rules and Obama spends his Valentine’s day with Musk. Us socialists also control all the liberal judges who hate oil and gas, and Musk’s best friend runs Google…so we really control all the health data…so we can lie all we want….what are all you idiots going to do about it???? You’re just a bunch of Guinea Pigs…get used to it.