Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive Merges With GreenTech Automotive

Can you think of a brand whose automotive model portfolio includes powerful V8-engined muscle cars with a two-seat and four-seat low-speed neighborhood electric vehicle? The chances are you can’t, but believe it or not there is one.

The MyCar isn't exactly a fast EV, but it's still being made.

The MyCar isn’t exactly a fast EV, but it’s still being made.

Enter WM GreenTech Automotive, a company originally founded in the U.S. back in 2009 by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and one which has just announced its official merging with luxury sports car company VL Automotive.

VL Automotive for those who don’t know, is the company which says it will bring the VL Destino to market for a cool $180,000. If the Destino looks familiar, you’d be right: it is essentially a luxury Fisker Karma Sedan with its original gasoline four-cylinder engine and plug-in hybrid drivetrain removed, replaced with a monstrous V-8 Corvette engine instead.  If that wasn’t enough, VL Automotive was cofounded by Bob Lutz, the former General Motors chairman generally considered the man responsible for bringing the Chevrolet Volt to market.

That’s right. The company co-owned by the father of the Chevrolet Volt, the one responsible for turning the recently-resurrected not-that-green plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma into a gas-guzzling V8 Sports car, is about to join with the company which produces a low-speed neighborhood electric car.

Somewhere, we think two universes are annihilating one another, because this little web of interconnectivity between a former plug-in car turned gas-guzzler and low-speed NEV electric cars is just a bit too crazy.

We’ve talked about VL Automotive, but what about WM GreenTech Automotive?

The Vl Destino, a car which was once a Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid

The Vl Destino, a car which was once a Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid

Originally founded to import the Chinese-made two-seat MyCar low-speed electric vehicle, GreenTech Automotive and its various board members have been in the political spotlight more than once in its short history. With two sides of its business, GreenTech Automotive not only sells the GTA MyCar, a short-range, limited speed NEV, but also sells what it says are ‘green sports cars,’ which we presume are tuned for fuel economy, not speed.

Given that the WM side of WMGTA sells pre-tuned muscle cars from tuning house Saleen, including the Saleen Mustang, Saleen Challenger and Saleen Camaro, we think the concept of ‘green sports car’ might be wholly subjective.

Lest we forget, WMGTA also sells the GTA G2, a full-sized sedan which bears a striking resemblance to the now defunct Coda Sedan, has a tiny 26 kilowatt motor under the hood, and is limited by law to a top speed of just 35 mph.

Here at Transport Evolved, we’re completely clueless as to what the merger means for the automotive industry, but given none of WMGTA’s electric vehicles seem to be of much value in a market dominated by affordable, mass-produced, long-range electric cars, we suspect the company will have more significance outside of the U.S.

But what do you make of what must be the most unexpected piece of news we’ve heard in a long time? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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