Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show 199: This Means War

On today’s Transport Evolved: Tesla drops the Model E name, U.S. i3 Deliveries Start, and two EV wars rage on.

These stories and more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley and Marc Geller.


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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by long-time EV driver and advocate Marc Geller.

San Francisco resident Marc Geller has been writing, advocating, campaigning and educating on the subject of electric vehicles and sustainable living for many years. A  founder member and a director  of Plug-in America, Marc is no stranger in the arena of public and corporate policy related to electric vehicles and green energy. He’s also on the board of directors of the Electric Auto Association, and was a co-founder of its San Francisco chapter, and the San Francisco EVA, as well as one of the key people leading the fight against the crushing of the previous generation of plug-in cars by companies like Toyota and GM.

During the day, Marc works as a sales representative for Sustainable Solutions Partners, an installer of solar energy systems, efficient lighting and appliance retrofits, EV charging equipment and sustainable building services.

(You can follow Marc on Twitter, chat with him on Facebook, or read his blog here.)

Part 1

Tesla releases Q1 profits and promises Gigafactory groundbreaking in less than a month; BMW starts its i3 deliveries, and we ask if there’s a disparity between government EV incentives and real-world practicalities.


Earlier this week, Tesla released its Q1 2014 financial report, detailing its earnings and losses for the year. Which it is depends on how you account, but it also heralded some great new promise for 2014, including massively increased production and the news that Tesla will break ground on a gigafactory site within a month.


Just as we went on air last week, BMW was quietly preparing to deliver its first i3 EV electric cars to customers across the U.S. With the first deliveries happening last weekend and many cars being delivered to excited Electronauts this week, we ask if BMW’s launch schedule is the way all EV launches should be?


Governments around the world are vocally supporting electric cars right now with massive incentives designed to help both those making and buying EVs. But with UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg going on the record to say EVs weren’t for him — and many worldwide governments missing out on the simple things like EV charging for their employees, are those in charge missing the bigger picture?

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Part 2

The Nissan e-NV200 enters production, Tesla drops the name “Model E”, and why there’s nothing to fear form electric car radiation.


Nissan’s second production electric vehicle, the e-NV200, entered production this week in Barcelona, Spain. We ask what its impact will be on the world of electric vehicles, and speculate what exactly it will be used for?


It’s official: Tesla won’t be calling its third-generation, mass market, affordable electric car the ‘Tesla Model E.” Almost as quietly as Tesla registered the Model E trademark last summer, it has now dropped the trademark.

The reasons behind this are unknown — but we ponder what name might take it’s place?


Relax! Electric cars are completely safe! That’s the opinion of a scientific study into the potential effects of electromagnetic radiation from the large motors and power circuits in EVs.  This isn’t the first study to come to this conclusion, so why are people so paranoid about EM radiation from EVs?

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Part 3

Tesla goes to war with the auto dealer associations (again), Nissan practically promises us a 180+ mile LEAF, Lexus goes to war with EVs in general, and a taxi company that proves electric cars can do anything.


After doing battle in New Jersey at the last minute, Tesla has been faced with yet another anti-Tesla last-minute piece of legislation. This time, in the increasingly conservative state of Missouri. 

We ask why auto dealers are so scared of Tesla.


For quite some time, Nissan has been talking up the possibility of a longer-range Nissan LEAF. This week, we got the best evidence yet to suggest it’s going to be a reality, with more than 180+ miles per charge. We ask if it will happen or not.


Toyota has never liked electric cars — but its latest ad for its luxury Lexus brand may have gone too far. What do you think?


And finally…

Meet the UK taxi firm who have saved £40,000 and made a whole lot of friends by converting the majority of its Taxi fleets to Nissan LEAFs. Proof that EVs can do anything?



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