BMW i3 vs BMW ActiveE Range Test

Michael Thwaite tests the range of the new all-electric version of the BMW i3 with the BMW ActiveE driver Tom Moloughney.

Tom raised the question, “Is the smaller battery in the i3 despite it’s greater efficiency, enough to match the outgoing ActiveE?”
Tom and I set off with our faithful wives in tow to find out the truth.
Check out Tom’s blog for the full technical breakdown coming soon…


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  • “Back on the highway were at 55%” nAssume similar SOC u2026 and going 55 mph. 😉 nnAre you recording ActiveE & i3 SOC at common mileage markers? eg: for highway leg, vs. local leg of trip. Expecting i3 to have better efficiency on local roads, and the ActiveE taking the lead on highway legs.

    • Michael Thwaite

      Tom’s compiling the data into his blog – we should have all the numbers soon.

      • vdiv

        Link to Tom’s i3 blog entry:n

      • Thanks Michael and Tom for sharing the details of ths drive comparison.

  • CDspeed

    Excellent idea, compare the i3 and ActiveE before the ActiveE falls out of private hands. And honestly you’ve got the two best guys to get a good report put together. I can’t wait to hear the final verdict.