First Tesla Model S Delivery in UK Set for June 7

It’s been revolutionising the way people think about electric cars for nearly three years — and in a few weeks’ time, the Tesla Model S luxury sedan will go on sale in the UK for the first time.

Tesla will deliver its first UK Model S sedan on June 7.

Tesla will deliver its first UK Model S sedan on June 7.

According to The Green Car Website, the first UK-specification Tesla Model S will be delivered on Saturday, June 7, with other deliveries following shortly after. Like the launch of the Model S in other European markets last year, expect the first few months to contain a higher-than-average number of Model S deliveries as pre-orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible by the Californian automaker.

It’s worth noting that the June debut of the Tesla Model S in the UK is also the first time we’ll see right-hand drive variants of this important electric car in the wild, since the UK is the first of Tesla’s many RHD markets.

Whist it was once a trivial matter for an automaker to switch production of cars from left to right-hand drive and vice versa, bringing a right-hand drive version of a left-hand drive car to market today is a lot more complex. Aside from the obvious interior changes and control moves, safety systems like airbags and sensors will have to be redesigned, along with new headlight units, steering system and potentially even component relocation to make way for relocated driver controls.

It’s something which partly accounts for the higher R&D costs for Tesla in Q1 2014 compared with the previous year, and something which will likely to continue to cost Tesla money as it readies the Model S for other RHD markets like Hong Kong and Australia.

The developmental challenges making the switch from left-hand to right-hand drive layout  — as well as huge popularity in other markets — also go some way to explain why the Tesla Model S is almost a year behind its original schedule for launch in the UK.

There’s no official word yet who the first Tesla Model S recipient in the UK will be, although we’ve heard rumours that suggest customer number one is both a long-time fan of the electric automaker and well-known.

Starting at £50,280 after government grants, the Model S is expected to revolutionise the way Brits think about electric cars. Unlike other cars currently on the market today, the £ 69,080 (after incentive) Model S P85 can travel from the east coast of England to the west coast of Wales on a single charge, thanks to its massive 85 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and the relatively small size of the UK.

If the launch party from Tesla's London store is anything to go by, it will be delivering lots of Model S!

If the launch party from Tesla’s London store is anything to go by, it will be delivering lots of Model S!

That doesn’t mean Tesla is going to ignore charging infrastructure in the UK, however. Like the U.S., mainland Europe and China, Tesla plans to implement a Supercharging network across the UK, making it possible to refill a Model S’ battery pack in the same time it takes to stop for a coffee and a visit to the restroom.

Tesla’s first Supercharger location — at the South Mimms Services on London’s orbital M25 motorway — is, as we postulated a few weeks back, close to completion. It will be the first Supercharging site in the UK to be switched on, but other sites are planned on the M20 near to Folkstone and Dover, the M4 near Bath and Bristol, the M5 near Birmingham and the M6 near Manchester. These four initial sites will make it possible to drive almost anywhere in the UK in a Tesla Model S purely on supercharging alone, with the only exception being the far north of Scotland.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re in the UK and waiting patiently for your Model S. Which car have you ordered — and when is yours expected to arrive?

Tell us in the Comments below!


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  • Jonathan Tracey

    S85 due in early July, cant wait 🙂

    • EV docmaker

      Hi Jonathan please check out my above message to Neil same goes for you too I would love to hear from you.nIn my documentary I have a retired couple in Napa Valley that have since driven their MODEL S …50,000miles in their first 16 months and they started when there was no superchargers.nregardsnHowardnn

  • Neil C

    S85 June 16th!

    • EV docmaker

      Hi Neil this is an early trailer for my EV movie am planning it to become a trilogy if I sell this one. We are also working on a new trailer for Youtube. Different music different content emphasis.nAre you in US or UK …if you are one of the first UK MODEL S owner please get in touch…. cinema2008 at europe.comnregardsnHoward

  • Jeff Teeselink

    I’ve heard that the Model S will be exempt from London’s congestion charge. This will make it popular with bankers and executives who commute into London daily.

    • EV docmaker

      Yes. But the real sea change will be in four years (everywhere else) five years for Right Hand Drive when the much more affordable GEN III comes out. Also it will be 20% smaller and the truth is apart from low populace places like Norway the MODEL S is too big for most Europeans. The TESLA GEN III will be like Goldilocks porridge that will really take. That said if anyone who is in the UK is flush with “loads of money” do not hesitate buy now as the more rich folks buy now the easier it becomes for TESLA to bring the affordable car to the rest of us. Tip…make sure you get the Twin Chargers very useful when charging from Single Phase AC.

  • Steve Manley

    S85 due Aug/Sept. The next 15 weeks are going to be hell

  • Sean Seymour

    S85+ 27th June ……….. and i’m Edinburgh …… am I brave ??

  • miko privat

    A year ago I bought an S60 and I regret it now!nI should have bought the S85

  • Vipul Lakhani

    S85 expected mid June. Will be at the launch on the 7th