WAVE 2014 Update: Friday 30 May

Teams from all over Europe are now making their way to one of the designated start points for the WAVE 2014. Tomorrow we all meet up in Stuttgart and for the first time all participants of the WAVE will be in one location. It is here we will be trying to break the record for the number of electrically powered cars in one location.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This year the WAVE has been split up into several mini-WAVEs. This allows those who have longer ranged cars to take longer, more winding paths from one location to the next while those in shorter ranged cars go a different way. The organisers have even taken into account that some people will be on ebikes and the link that have an even shorter range.

These three mini-WAVEs have been called: Exclusive WAVE, Popular WAVE and Light & e-bike WAVE.

Here we see two Vectrix bikes getting a top up of juice.

Here we see two Vectrix bikes getting a top up of juice.

In the photo above we see teams 73 and 74 (La Souris Verte) from France. Yann Lelong and Gilles Puyol are both driving Vectrix bikes for the Wave and are proudly displaying their French flag!

At lunchtime in Market Square, Ulm, the local Mayor welcomed the teams of the WAVE to his beautiful city and wished us on our way for the rest of the journey.

Everything ‘officially’ kicks off tomorrow in Stuttgart with the teams arriving early in the morning ready for the parade.

Team 54's (Seilbahn Koblenz) gets some juice while Wolfram Auer and Günter Troy have a look around the other cars.

Team 54’s (Seilbahn Koblenz) gets some juice while team members Wolfram Auer and Günter Troy have a look around the other cars.

Unfortunately team Transport Evolved won’t be able to join everyone on site. Despite our best efforts, and those of various helpful people on line, when we got onto the mainland we were faced with a charging station were planning on using not being operational (even though we checked in advance). No big deal, we thought, we have two backups. However one wasn’t even installed yet (but on the charging databases) and one no longer existed.

Faced with the choice of being trailered across Europe by a gas-guzzling breakdown truck or covering the event from the UK, we decided the latter. We couldn’t be the team to give the WAVE a massive carbon footprint. That just wouldn’t be right.

We’ll still be following the WAVE closely from the UK and will be with everyone in spirit. We even plan to do the WAVE at Transport Evolved‘s offices for you all!

The Transport Evolved Editorial Team


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