WAVE 2014 Update: Saturday 31 May

Today marked two very important events: The official start of the 2014 WAVE and the WAVE’s Guinness Record attempt at the largest electric vehicle parade.

Start of the WAVE

The WAVE 2014 welcomes all the teams and parade participants.

The WAVE 2014 welcomes all the teams and parade participants.

Starting at the Mercedes-Benz museum the WAVE 2014 officially kicked off. Participants and their cars started arriving at what seemed like the break of day and soon the streets were filled with electric cars, some plugged in, some not but every one of them looking brilliant.

People wandered around taking in all the different types of cars from the ‘affordable’ ZOEs, LEAFs and iMiEVs to the luxury Tesla Roadster and Model Ss all the way to the quirky and brilliantly fun city runabouts like the Twizy or the Twike. Oh, and don’t forget the e-bikes and home converted cars!

Early morning e-bikes and some amazing scenery.

Early morning e-bikes and some amazing scenery.

Once the Parade was over (see below for more on that) the WAVE and its teams were split into two groups. Each group taking a slightly different route throughout the day but ending up in the same place, Wolpertshausen, Germany. These two groups allows for various vehicles to take the trip that is best suited to their range or interests.


This was just amazing, but before we gush, let’s go into what this is a little more.

For this to be an official Guinness Record attempt there are some rules that need to be met. Firstly, and most importantly, every single vehicle in the parade needs to be only powered by electricity. This is very important and where some other, non-official, parades have gone wrong. The other sticking point is that all vehicles need to have a standard vehicle licence plate.

This is why, in the WAVE parade, you will only see all electric vehicles counted to our total number of cars. No Ampera/Volts, no Outlander PHEVs, no BMW i3s with a range extender and no electrified bikes/twikes that have any sort of human pedal power input.

These vehicles are welcome to come along and tag on to the end of the parade, but as far as the Guinness Record attempt is concerned they won’t be counted.

The current record stands at305 vehicles. So how many fully electric vehicles did the WAVE manage to get in its parade?


Yep, that’s right. The WAVE 2014 did it!

This is just amazing to see.

This is just amazing to see.

We also loved the amount of Twitter coverage the parade got, just look at some of these tweets:

Paul Churchley is on 21 Electric Blue (SWI & GBR)


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