WAVE Update Day 2: June 1, 2014

All the participants of the WAVE 2014 were still feeling the high after breaking the world record for the number of fully electric vehicles in a convoy yesterday. In fact, we came across this video taken by Martin Doppelbauer which shows the vehicles getting ready for their arial photo and then going on to the parade.

All made with electric cars!

All made with electric cars! (Photo from WAVE).

It really was an amazing day.

The WAVE participants ended yesterday and woke up this morning in Wolpertshausen, Germany. A amazing community that fits the spirit of the WAVE completely. They have got together and managed to go so green that their whole town is 100% powered from renewable energy and even has a designated solar filling station for electric vehicles!

These cars will be driving with 0 emissions. At all. Even if you include the long tailpipe!

These cars will be driving with 0 emissions. At all. Even if you include the long tailpipe! (Photo from WAVE Facebook group.)

Following on from this, today saw another parade for the WAVE in Neuburg, Germany. All of the teams on the WAVE took a direct route through the centre of the city to show anyone out doing their sunday shopping how amazing electric cars can be!

Neuburg welcomes the WAVE.

Neuburg welcomes the WAVE.

A VW XL1 — a limited run plug in hybrid that a fuel economy of 0.9 l/100 km — was on display in Neuburg and drew a crowd with its sleek lines futuristic looks.

The WAVE was even welcomed to Neuburg an der Donau by a band that entertained the drivers.


The WAVE ends its first weekend in Munchen-Garching Tum where the teams will rest up for the night in preparation for their long day tomorrow.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Marc Kudling for his photos from yesterday. If you have any photos of video of the WAVE and would be happy for us to use it, please send it to [email protected] with as much information as you can.


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