WAVE Update Day 5: June 4, 2014

Last night

Last night’s trip to Mainau Island went great and the WAVE teams also got to see a special showing of Revenge of the Electric Car alongside the films director Chris Paine. The island is usually off limits to all cars but a special exception was made for the WAVE.

The WAVE teams were welcomed to the island by Gräfin Bettina Bernadotte can be seen in this video:

Marc Kudling also sent us some photos of some electric vehicles parked outside the island’s castle:


As with yesterday the WAVE split into two today to visit some more schools. Group 1 visited two schools in Rheinfelden, Germany while Group 2 went to Eschenbach, Germany then Kaltbrunn, Switzerland and finally to a school in Wattwil, Switzerland.

While Group 2 got to visit more schools, Group 1 got the very special opportunity to cross the usually closed hydroelectric power dam to cross from Germany into Switzerland.

The two WAVE groups then re-joined each other in Baar, Switzerland where they were given an official welcome from Vice Mayor Paul Langenegger and a group photo was taken.

Finally the WAVE moved on to Einsiedeln, Switzerland where the teams were treated to a tour of the city and monastery and an evening presentation in the hotel.


Yesterday we told you about the mini-competitions that are held along the way on the WAVE. Today we noticed a tweet that we had missed in which Team 37 Green Motorsport – EV Matters (GBR) won the competition for longest drive to get to the WAVE. Brian and Jean Orr are the members of the winning team and did this feat in a Mitsubishi i-Miev. Way to go!


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