WAVE Update Day 7: June 6, 2014

After all the schools visited over the past three days, today was a much slower pace school wise with just one visited in the morning in Saas Fee, Switzerland. It was just a quick visit and the WAVE teams were on the road again by 8:30am. It may be of interest to our US and UK visitors that schools in Europe tend to start earlier than we are usually use to so all the children were there, wide awake and ready to get excited about electric cars.

Team number eight (Electric cruisers) arrive in Murten.

Team number eight (Electric cruisers) arrive in Murten.

The first stop of the day was Sion, Switzerland. Here the teams displayed their cars to the locals, got an official welcome from the city Mayor Marcel Maurer and got a guided tour of this city that has a rich history. Charging was provided by six 63 Amp connections that were shared between those who needed it, convertors being used for cars that needed a specific level of direct current.

Christian von Hösslin's converted Porsche leads the convoy

Christian von Hösslin’s converted Porsche leads the convoy

After lunch the teams jumped back into their cars and headed to Le Bouveret, Switzerland before making their way on to Broc, Switzerland. Teams started getting to Broc from 2pm onwards and were able to plug in and charge their cars directly from power generated from the hydroelectric power station located there.

Teams on the WAVE were also able to get a tour of the power station to see the electricity being generated that was going directly into their cars! This really is zero emissions driving.

The cars make their way through Murten.

The cars make their way through Murten.

The final stop for the day was Murten, Switzerland. In keeping with another tradition of the WAVE, the teams did a parade through the city – through the old town in fact. What makes this parade even more special is not only did none of the cars emit one gram of pollution on the parade, but they didn’t even cause any pollution in the generation of the electricity being used to power them. A clean short and long tailpipe.


The teams all joined each other for a stroll alongside the lake on their way to dinner. Excitedly talking about what they had experienced in the last 7 days of the WAVE and what was still to come.

Everyone turned up to see the parade of zero emission EVs.

Everyone turned up to see the parade of zero emission EVs.


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