WAVE Update Day 8: June 7, 2014

It was the final day of the WAVE. If you have been following our updates you will know that this event has seen the 78 teams tour through multiple countries, drive up and down mountain passes, speak to many many school children, get up close and personal with zeppelins and, hopefully, make friends for life.

The final day was a tad more relaxed than the others although a lot was still seen and experienced. The day started in Interlaken, Switzerland where the teams were welcomed and took the now routine ‘wave’ photo. The teams were split into two and taken on staggered tours of the amazing and picturesque town. The whole morning was spent in Interlaken relaxing and chatting.

After lunch the teams moved on to Stansstad, Switzerland. This next location was what looked like a simple 61km (38 miles) away but to get there the teams had to climb the Brünig Pass that peaks at an altitude of 1008m above sea level. This trip may have eaten up the kilowatts but it was worth it for the views it gave. There is nothing like exploring naturing knowing that in getting there and driving away you aren’t harming it.

The final stop of the day, and of the WAVE 2014, was Küssnacht, Switzerland. Specifically Seebodenalp. To get to this location the teams had to climb up a very steep and narrow track but just like the first mountain climbers to reach the peak they made it and waved their flags in celebration.

Once arrived and settled in, the award ceremony was held.

Once we get a full list of results we will post them.

After dinner the teams were left to their own devices for the final evening before starting to make their way back home on Sunday. For some this is just a quick jaunt with no need for charging, for others this is a many hundred mile journey plug-hopping from one charger to the next.

We’ve really enjoyed following the WAVE and seeing all the amazing photos, tweets, vines and videos of the event. If you have any more that you think would be of interest, please do send us them in an email and who knows, they may end up in a post-event update. [email protected]

Photos from Day 7

All aboard the WAVE train!

All aboard the WAVE train!

The parade through Murten was brilliant!





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