Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show 204: LiveWires For All

On today’s Transport Evolved: Tesla Patents, Tracking your EV’s energy use, and Hell’s Angels Freeze Over

These stories and more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Matt Stevens

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki is joined by co-founder of CrossChasm Matt Stevens. A Chevrolet Volt driver, he has been involved in the design of over 20 hybrid and electric vehicles, ranging from to lunar rovers to stealth snowmobile and now works on making personal fuel economy labels for fleets and individuals looking to pick the best green vehicle for them.  Matt holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, was named to Waterloo Region’s Top 40 under 40, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo, and is Past-Chairman of Electric Mobility Canada.

Part 1

We talk about the MyEV data logger from MyCarma, Tesla opens up its patents, and BMW, Nissan want some Tesla Action.


Our guest today is Matt Stevens from CrossChasm, the company behind the MyEV data logger app on IndieGoGo. We find out what it does, and why it could help the EV world’s age-old problem of getting an emergency charge.


Elon Musk has been hinting about it for a while,  but last week Tesla announced it was planning to release all of its electric car patents — every single one — to the public domain under open source licenses. Musk says it is to help kickstart the electric car revolution, but what will it mean for us all as electric car buyers? And what patents will prove popular with automakers?


In related news, on Monday, the Financial Times reported that Tesla, BMW and Nissan were already in talks to share supercharger technology and public charging networks. Will Nissan and BMW adopt Tesla’s standard, and what will it mean for the future of EVs?

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Part 2

Tesla makes minor adjustments to the upcoming Model X, ChargePoint logs its five millionth charging session, the BMW i3 is a conquest car,  Minnesota mandates its utility companies must have EV-friendly rates, and California REALLY wants the Tesla Gigafactory.


This week, Tesla sent out an update to its Model X reservation holders detailing some minor updates to the plug-in Car. Two wheel drive is out in favor of all-wheel drive for all cars, and Supercharging is now standard.


Charging provider ChargePoint celebrated its five millionth EV charging session earlier this week. What’s the future hold for public charging, is there now a buisness model for it — and when will the sixth millionth session take place?


Despite what you might think, the BMW i3 is a conquest car for the BMW brand, BMW admitted last week. The i8 meanwhile, is a car almost exclusively for existing BMW customers. Is BMW following the trend, and who will break it?


The state of Minnesota became the first U.S. state last week to mandate that all utility companies offer customers discounted electricity for charging their electric car — and that they also offer 100% renewable options for those who want to ensure that electricity doesn’t come from polluting sources. Will other states follow suit?


Finally, California is in the process of changing its legislative process to expedite the building of a large-scale electric car battery production facility there. Is Tesla about to be tempted to use its home state to build its first gigafactory after all?

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Part 3

We test drive the Nissan e-NV200 and ask if Nissan is about to change its policy on battery cooling, Harley-Davidson unveils the LiveWire, scientists discover how to power a car on coffee, and we meet the Ambassador of Awesomeland.


Last week, Nissan headed over to Barcelona to test-drive the e-NV200. She shares her opinion of this important plug-in van.


…And while Nikki was there, she noticed something unusual about the e-NV200’s battery pack. She explains all, and asks if this marks a change in battery pack design for Nissan?


Harley-Davidson did the unthinkable yesterday: it unveiled the LiveWire — an all-electric motorcycle. Has the world fallen apart? Are we all dreaming? Or has the electric motorcycle really come of age?


Could your car run on coffee? Apparently, say researchers at the University of Bath. 



Meet the Ambassador of Awesomeland. We think he’s pretty awesome, too.

We love it.


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