Mazda Miata Charged With Assault And Battery Against Tesla Model S

You’re either a fan of Mazda’s iconic two-seat sports coupe, or you loathe it with a passion. Currently in its twenty-fifth year of production, the diminutive Madza Miata — or MX-5 to some — has yet to give up its traditional in-line four-cylinder engines and rear-wheel drive setup for something with a plug, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a popular car for EV enthusiasts to convert to electric.

While most Miata conversions combine modest performance with practical everyday range however, one all-electric Miata is like no other, and regularly takes to the local drag strip to show anyone brave enough what all-electric power can do.

And this weekend, that’s exactly what John Metric’s “Assault and Battery” did, proving that it has the power needed to show up Tesla’s legendary Model S sedan.

Racing head-to-head with a Tesla Model S P85, the Miata managed a 9.27 second quarter mile at a terminal speed of 142 mph, obliterating the Tesla Model S’ 12.72 @102 mph. Powered by a 368-volt lithium-ion battery pack that drives a pair of DC forklift motors, the same car set a a new NEDRA world record for the XS class — that’s extreme street for those who don’t know– last October, completing the quarter mile in 9.122 seconds at a terminal speed of 145.16 mph.

When it attacked the Tesla this weekend, Assault and Battery’s pack was tuned down to a lowly 333 volts, but as the video above (via Jalopnik) shows, it still had more than enough to show the Model S the true meaning of power.

While drag strips are usually the place where the internal combustion engine is worshipped in an ever-increasing, deafening crescendo of muscle cars and burning rubber, the video also reminds us how wonderful the drag strip could be if only electric cars were allowed to race there.



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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Albertico

    Wonder how much that EV converted Miata weighs and the weight of the batteries it has. From the video it seems pretty bare bones and I’d say it only has enough battery juice for a few drag races to keep the weight low.nnMassive torque, combined with a very low weight and powerful electric motor is a thing of wonder

  • Looks like the Tesla started a fraction of second early u2026 spinning tires didn’t help much. Perhaps different tires on Model S?

  • D. Harrower

    Say what? A dedicated drag car beat the pants off an unmodified street car? Say it isn’t so…nnNot exactly news here, Model S or not.