Rimac Concept One Heads to Formula E Race Director for Inaugural Race Season

With its race calendar now confirmed and teams signed up from all around the world, Formula E’s inaugural season is promising to introduce electric cars to the world of motor sport in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Rimac Concept_One

The Rimac Concept_One will join the Formula E Championship as the official Race Director’s Car

And with the races set to emphasise zero-emissions, ultra clean racing, it follows that the Race Director for the all-new FIA Formula E Championship should also be driving an electric car too.

Which is why Croatian EV powerhouse Rimac Automobile has agreed to supply the FIA Formula E Championship with one of its exclusive high-performance Rimac Concept_One electric supercars for use at each and every event.

With classic supercar looks and a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds — about the same time as a Formula E car takes to do reach the same speed — the Rimac Concept_One will be driven by the Formula E Race Director at each and every Formula E race, allowing them to carry out track inspections, visit parts of the track, and other important race buisness without burning a drop of fossil fuel.

Because it has two, instead of one seat, the Concept_One will also be able to offer passenger laps during Formula E events for the privileged few.

Unlike the official Formula E race cars, the Rimac Concept_One features not one but four motors, each driving a separate wheel for true all-wheel drive capability. Capable of a total power output of 811 kilowatts and 1,600 Nm of torque, the Rimac_One really does With no physical connection between each wheel, torque vectoring allows the Concept_One to exhibit excellent road holding capabilities, even at high speed.

Weighing in at nearly two metric tons, the Rimac Concept_One is certainly a lot heavier than the single-seat Formula E race cars it will be overseeing on race day. Thanks to a 91 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and a claimed range of 310 miles per charge, the Rimac Concept_One will be able to carry out a full days’ worth of race duties without needing to recharge, although we suspect range is subtantially smaller at the Rimac Concept_One’s electronically limited top speed of 189 mph.

At an estimated cost of $980,000, the Concept_One isn’t exactly cheap. But we’ve got to admit to being a little jealous of anyone who will get a ride in what we think it probably the most desirable electric Supercar in the world today.


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